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What Makes Freedom Is Internal DifferentVeronique Corbett
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4 Audio MP3 Downloads:

S/He Loves Me – 165 Minutes
(The She In He, the He In She that Loves the Me In All)
Questioning . Answers . Symphonic

Instructional Audio File  

Welcome to the System 

4 Volumes – Course Manual:

Begin Here, Foundational Guide – Volume I
6ʺ X 6ʺ 164 page

- Understanding of and guidance in the RIGHT USE of the System.

' The Letter' to Myself. – Volume I –
6ʺ X 9ʺ 306 pages 

- supports us in using our hearts as our guiding source over the databases of confusions and contradictions of the mind that divide us from the self we can be.  

Logic – Volume IV 

6ʺ X 9ʺ 306 pages 

- provides insights in the different ways the mind limits us and how we can implement giving the mind the task of using choices that are heart guides. Thereby, instead of the mind creating loss, lack, struggles or illness, it becomes an excellent tool of supporting us in how we can access the passion of our soul, trust in allowing our heart to guide us, In our hearts we can embrace and relish our lives despite ur disappointments or expectations according to our minds plan - that have not gone as planned. 

The 12 Keys/Pocket Companion – Volume III
4 3/4 X 5 3/4ʺ 160 page

-Supportive tools that allows you dissipate negative/ destructive / distorting energy, IN THE MOMENT  by instantly replacing ' loving what is ' as a heart guided focus which fuels ease, grace & abundance. 


The 12 Key Card – Credit Card Size for easy referral. 
Carry in your wallet for quick reference & a reminder  of looking for purpose & good, absent of interpretations that are often clouded in unresolved emotions that only limit ease, grace and abundance,  repeating any one of the KEYS oversees misperceptions triggered by the mind that keep us caged in any upsets that are only simple reminders of the energy we are using to project into out life... love... remaining in innocence or the opposite. Nothing more or less.

Magnet  This magnet contains a powerful affirmation / prayer  that supports you from the soul level, then allows you a path into the heart that quiets the mind.  Supporting you in quieting  triggers that encage you  in misperceptions, this tool enables you to remain in Balance and lifts you above Confusing, Stressful & /or Pain-filled Situations. 

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The System comes in both Digital Flip Book & Hard Copy / MP3 Files,  a Celebratory Package and a 14 Day Group Zoom Program instructed by Veronique personally:

As a bonus: 

IN FULL: $2,400


If paying in full, immediately after payment confirmation, you will receive a Digital Flip Book of the System to your email. 


Plus: when paid in full  - you will receive an invitation to join the Inner Circle Program. Like everything else within the mission and vision statement of Veronique Inc., this program provides insanely great experiences year long though - out of the box innovations - that inspire, opens different doors to deeper insights into life in general all for the purpose of providing support to those that simply want life to be more fun and rewarding - all the way to those that are ready to dive into the mysteries that are beyond the physical obvious. 


Information about the benefits and qualifications of this yearly program under the INNER CIRCLE link. 


DEBUTING IN EARLY MAY: Currently THE SYSTEM  is only offered in A DIGITAL FLIP BOOK DOWN LOAD.  Per numerous and ongoing requests it is additionally being placed back into Hard Copy and an Audio Book.  Pricing to be determined upon completion.  Those that have purchased the digital version of The System, hold onto your proof of purchase, using this receipt you will receive a 40% discount on both the Hard Copy and the audio version.  


This addition to our library will be complementary to Ruby Red Slippers Society Members. 


PAYMENTS: $2,400                                                   Down payment - $1,200 then, $30 minimum weekly payments until paid in full in 40 weeks at 0 interest. 

At any point you can pay off your remaining balance.


Upon confirmation of PAID IN FULL , you then will then receive the entire System and   

DEBUTING IN EARLY MARCH: Currently Logic is only offered in its original HARD COPY form, per numerous and ongoing requests it is additional being put into an Audio Book. 

Pricing to be determined, yet this addition to our library will be complementary to Inner Circle Members. 

The Freedom Is Internal System Celebratory Package


Introducing our multi-purpose celebratory packaging, why we chose it, and how it relates to supporting you in
growing a state of consciousness that affords you continuous health, wealth, happiness & freedom. We are providing
you synergistic energy boosters in support of you remembering the joy in discovering the purpose and good within
your experiences while you remain light-hearted.

Remaining in purpose through one’s ability to laugh at our antics throughout life’s journey makes all the difference in
having what you want sooner rather than later and with greater ease.

A Celebrate Life Card:  To support you holding the spirit & mindset of Joy.

Bubbles: To remind you to remain childlike verses childish throughout life.

Sachet Bag: Filled with lavender flowers from the country side in France to remind you to focus on life’s simple joys.

Divine Guidance Magnet: Used during times of stress and confusing situations.

Aroma Therapy Spray: Uplift, Nourish Rejuvenate

Bookmark: Contains inspirational quotes & our stay connected information.

Journal: A place to gather your thoughts, write your insights and record your growth.

Backpack: Reusable packaging.


I feel whole again... I have more confidence than I have had in a long time.

I have a knowing that I will meet all my business goals in a short time.  I feel blessed — as if I am being nurtured in the palm of God. 

Tom Kroupa – Businessman

Veronique showed me a different way. A way more in tune to who I am.

I am still an accountant, I just handle things from who I am and not from what I was attempting to force.

Brad N. – Accountant

Veronique is a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement.

Your deep understanding and skillful presentations shows how compassion and love will give us endless clarity and energy. You ground very precious teachings that give life a completely new meaning.

Joan K. – Meditation Teacher

My work with Veronique gave me the confidence ...

to go to South Sudan and conduct the special training program by myself. It was the most meaningful and challenging training event I have ever done. I know this was a direct result of my sessions with Veronique and using The Freedom Is Internal System.

Idella Wilson – Attorney

Years of migraines gone!

With Veronique’s love and her guidance to help me find the real reasons for my migraines and my willingness to bring it out, I can tell you that I no longer have them. Miracles do happen in life, and will happen for you; it has for me through the deeper wisdom Veronique’s shares…”

Tammy G. – Homemaker

"It takes out all hate & puts in love"

Mommy do you know what The Choice Is Mine (one of tools in the Freedom Is Internal System) does when you read it? It takes out all the hate and puts in love. I want to keep on reading it; it makes me feel safe.

Jackie – Age 7

"It takes out all hate & puts in love"

Mommy do you know what The Choice Is Mine (one of tools in the Freedom Is Internal System) does when you read it? It takes out all the hate and puts in love. I want to keep on reading it; it makes me feel safe.

Jackie – Age 7

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