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Freedom is Internal System

14 Day Course Study

"This system is incredible! Loving every day now! It is hard to state in a short paragraph all that this system has done for my life because it crosses over and handles so many aspects..."

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Little Known

Life Altering Tools

Make All the Difference.

The Right Sequence and Steps is how your vision becomes Reality.

This 14 Day Course Study uses the Freedom Is Internal System.
The System is unique both in its approach and the deeper insights it addresses that supports you in building a strong foundation for manifesting your goals & dreams more easily and sooner than what you currently think is possible.

This Course Study is for those that are ready to commit to knowing what it takes in an unparalleled focus to excel, live, give and receive from what you are honestly passionate about.

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Important details about this Course Study

Dates & Requirements: 

Before registering, please ensure you can commit
to the following requirements for the successful
completion of the course:



Sept 2 - 15 
Oct 7 - 20 
Nov 4 - 17
Dec 2 - 15

Each course study begins on the first Monday of the month.

Attend a Zoom call twice daily, 15 minutes each session, at 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time.

Sessions are held 7 days a week for 14
consecutive days.

Each session includes a 2-minute introduction before and a 2-minute recap after, making the total session time 19 minutes daily.

Freedom Is Internal Course Study Cost:  $2,000.00 
Payment in Full registers you automatically in the
14 Day Course Study Program

What does the

Course Study include?

Student Exclusive: Veronique's mentoring services are now exclusively available to Course Study students. Additional mentoring sessions are limited to available time slots during the program dates.


  • Additional mentoring fees: $150 per 30-minute session.

  • Flat rate mentoring packages may be available on an    individual basis.

  • Fees are determined based on an evaluation of individual needs and conditions.



PDF Flip Book Download

1. Begin Here

2. Using the 17 Habits

3.Pocket Campainion

4. Spirit 

5. Logic 

6. Journal with daily Questions to record answers/ progress.  7. MP3  Audio - The Choice IS Mine by Veronique

8, MP3 Audio - S/He Loves Me  by Veronique

9. 14 day -Zoom -Group Mentoring with Veronique 

Veronique's dedicated support enhances your consciousness awareness, enabling faster personal growth. Her unique approach helps you understand yourself deeply, leading to clearer direction and quicker achievement of your goals.

Her method is a 'way to be' rather than a 'what to do,' forming a foundation to integrate other studies and skills. This 14-day system guarantees success when followed meticulously, aligning your conscious desires with the power of your subconscious mind to support your true intentions.

What the System Can do for You

The Freedom Is Internal System is a course study program that builds upon "The Letter ". Its purpose provides our minds a - step by step - How - to let go of any fear filled controls our minds have over our lives.

Step by step you grow in the necessary awareness where you are able to keep Your Heart  & Soul in the driver's seat with your minds being the support they were meant to be.


The level of wisdom and tools it provides simplifies... life’s
most perplexing question... “why is this (!? #** %&)happening”

And better yet... “how can I change it!"

Through this wisdom and the little known manifestation tools this System provides, you more easily are able to accelerate having life as you would love it...  and sooner rather than later.

Repeated readings of each part, in its own way, continues to allow you to become increasingly aware of two important factors, what you are doing and/or not doing that is influencing your life as you are experiencing it.  

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