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Freedom is Internal System. 

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The 90 Day Mentoring Program begins July 6th!
The FilpBook Download of the System is being reformatted for this Program and will be made available for Download - June 19th - 

All Paid in Full - Pre-orders registers you automatically in the 90 Day Mentoring Program, attendance is optional -

All pre-orders have a special opportunity to receive a 20 min Complimentary Consult booked from the Complimentary Consult Button - Note when booking that you are a preorder. Your pre-oder  awards you one on one time with Veronique.  This added bonus will be scheduled after the beginning of the program.

Invest in yourself $22.23 daily - for the next 90 days, in a $2,000 one time payment.

This covers the cost of The Freedom is Internal System …. 

For an unspecified time period, Veronique is offering 90 consecutive days of group mentoring delivered over zoom as her gift in - paying it forward. 

Her mentoring can open doors, inspire, support and encourage individuals to realize their potential, achieve their dreams, build a strong unshakable foundation all within the shortest time possible.

In her unassuming way, Veronique has made a profound difference in the lives of so many.  It is her belief that by investing in others to rise to their potential, it will shape the architects of a better tomorrow.

Her purpose is to strengthen our communities, economy, and drive social change so all can truly live free from what limits us. 

This unique program is 15 min’s in the morning and 15 min’s in the evening, 7 days a week, Eastern Time Zone. 

Designed to enhance the mentee's professional performance and personal development in a support system that elevates  - sooner rather than later.  - 


   ◦    "The System" Download Flip Book

What the System Can do for You

The Freedom Is Internal System is a course study program that builds upon "The Letter ". Its purpose provides our minds a - step by step - How - to let go of any fear filled controls our minds have over our lives.

Chapter by chapter you grow in the necessary awareness where you are able to more easily keep Your Heart in the driver's seat.


The level of wisdom and tools it provides simplifies... life’s
most perplexing question... “why is this (!? #** %&)happening”

And better yet... “how can I change it!"

Through this wisdom and the little known manifestation tools this System provides, you more easily are able to accelerate having life as you would love it...  and sooner rather than later.

Repeated readings of each part, in its own way, continues to allow you to become increasingly aware of two important factors, what you are doing and/or not doing that is influencing your life as you are experiencing it.  


Each tool provides HOW you can counter balance any negative / destructive / contradicting beliefs and behaviors so you can make better choices.


It is designed to be applied in every day activities, moment to moment. Doing so one grows from the inside out forming, a strong unshakable foundation of confidence, austerity within self, a passion and ability to express oneself by doing what you love and can never be shaken by life's up and downs or others opinions.  


If you are ready for an adventure like no other - MAKE IT HAPPEN - reserve your copy today of the Freedom is Internal System, your purchase secures your place in the 90 Day Mentoring Program being led by Veronique personally.


These individuals were able to ground the life that inspires them. Executives, Athletes, Teachers, Students / Youths/ Teens, Victim Groups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Workers/ Employees. Click the purchase now button for additional details. 


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