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Adult Fables

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The power found in all of Veronique's writings is not just a - WHAT TO DO - her strength & ability in supporting the change you want - is in the subtleties - her writings brings to our awareness. Becoming aware of the subtleties is what allows us to build a solid foundation & still have change happen simply, sooner rather than later & LAST!

Look for them! Reread - with each reread - you will discover - MORE.

Each Month 

 Exclusively from this website a different volume in the   Fable Collection is featured & available for unlimited reads for a single day.     
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Below is the Advance Reading Copy of this months featured Fable
LIVING LIFE As YOU Would -  Love -  It To Be! 

The intention of the Fable Collection is each Volume builds upon the next in its ability to restore one's ability to - express being childlike -  while we remaining in the wisdom of the ages. Thereby - as we imagine it - heaven on earth is not just a fairy tale... it's a reality!  

To add this Volume to your personal library - Purchase Now -  via this link  

June's Featured Fable -                       Knowingthe PURE & DIVINE EGO 

If your conscious mind wants a deeper
journey into self - actually a whole lot more - more is offered in…

The Freedom Is Internal System
- 90 Day Program - It's an adventure!
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