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Our Experience

with Veronique

Below is a Composite from a Group Testimonial

"It is Veronique's super power as a visionary that will endure."

In her unassuming way both by example and constantly reminding us HOW to keep our thoughts simple, to stay humble in our own beginners mind, and to see all possibilities. She powerfuly teaches that when we make the choice to graciously step out of any box that confines us, to be curious around new ideas, to see around the next corner, and to look for and realize - that - by training one's mind to allow our spirit - the soul - of who we are to take the lead this allows our heart to guide us to having what we would love our life to be like - this is when we can rise above preceived limitations into the power to manifest - through love's innocence -.

There are many things we can see through her eyes, yet, what she embodies in all our interactions with her and what her material teaches is HOW to discover for ourselves. To trust that our answers live within us - we just have to remember how to trust the purpose & good of the journey we have chosen. Once our trust and faith is absolute, Veronique reminds us, that this is when we allow ourselves to access the answers within ourselves - its our knowing that will support our life through ease, grace and abundance. Nothing more and nothing less. Getting to this absoluteness within self is what Veronique and her material supports us in achieving. Through her patience, compassion and love we now know this is an ever evolving journey. 


Years of
Changing Lifes

One of our greatest sources has been our association of Veronique with beauty - - by breathing in and appreciating the sight of — a wooded hillside, a well‑made object, food that nourishes, birds in flight, the breeze that touches our faces, these memories of her words — recalls, no matter where we are, her loving spirit to us. Even in her years of great pain, or challenges that arise in a world forever changing she has never lost faith in the beauty of existence. ”She exemplifies in all she does that no matter the venture, large or small, 'people' putting their love into what they are passionate about can change the world around us or even globaly for the better.’ Veronique has been called many things: brilliant, funny, and wise, a friend, and, of course, a visionary. She challenges us to see the world not for what we think it is thru a filtered adulterated mind cluttered with our misperceptions, judgments, blame, guilts or shame - to go beyound these limitations, to go deeper within self - to know - what could be - and - for what will honestly fulfill our hearts & soul. As wise as she is her knowledge ever grows as she, in simple ways, supports so many in seeing and realizing the unlimited potential in themselves.  It has been our experience that she accomplishes this goal through the profound wisdom and deeper understandings she has authored, recorded, and provides in a uniquely simple system entitled - Freedom Is Internal System.  The Freedom Is Internal System challenges what is considered normal and gives us forethought for living that has served us well in allowing ourselves to prosper, through ease, grace and abundance, on so many levels, personally and professionally by living thru a non-filtered self. If there is even the slightest chance that you can study / create with her it will be filled with memorable experiences. Be prepared to experience unique & challenging realizations that may at first feel uncomfortable - yet in time you will know, as we did, the only place upset can live is in the lies we bury yet never forget. Uncovering them may feel like a risk - yet its worth taking because the end result is absolute freedom.

(This happened for us because she provides both through her mentoring and the uniqueness in The Freedom Is Internal System HOW to more easily implement the energy changes we must make from what limits into what allows us to be unlimited. Her methods equally supports ( if you chose to do so) taking a quntium leap into awareness ( like she did ) and/or to more slowly allow awareness to evole over time.    She reminds us neither choice is lessor or greater or right or wrong.} 

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