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Business to Business

Join us on this outrageous journey of exploration in  growth personally & financially.

The Business Serves its helpers/ employees/volunteers
The Helpers/ Employees/Volunteers Serves the clients
The Clients Serve the Business
… and so the circle continues.
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The Core of Our Culture 


BE Authentic

I am living in alignment with my strengths, values, and unique abilities.

BE Love from the Inside Out

I am open & willing to give my best in every moment.


BE Growth Minded 

I love challenges - for the adventure & opportunity to learn, grow & share.. 


BE Caring

I am supporting others to know they are valued.


BE Successful 

It is so worth working through stumbling blocks. 
We Envision our World as it Could Be - Authentic - Fostering Balance to Ensure Sustainability. 

Since 1989

Veronique's unique methodology of combining our soul's passion, our heart love, and our minds growing in awareness, all is interwoven throughout her material, study courses & personal interactions. For over 31 years she has innovated and employed foundational, from the inside out principles, that increasingly builds upon authenticity;    


becoming aware of the subtleties,


integrity of living to ones word,


accountability, responsibility unconditionally simultaneously with self and others. 
Learning, applying, and living these principles leads to personal and professional growth, magical breakthroughs that Veronique considers as normal. Transformational opportunities impacting our personal life emotionally and financially that can extend into the community and the world at large.  
Veronique's passion is fueled by purpose. Personally and through Veronique Inc.'s different writings and programs the intent is in maintaining a focus on making a positive impact by empowering individuals to be their authentic self. Her unique approach supports building from the inside out. From the passion our soul ignites, with our heart guiding us to be authentic and doing what we love, then training our minds to support the soul & heart. This approach establishes a solid foundation to grow & thrive -- personally and professionally.  

Veronique a purpose-driven company where individuals stay engaged and become very passionate about monetizing your passion. All programs aim to ensure that everyone feels valued, engaged, and proud of their work and the growth they achieve.
When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “giving & receiving... that balance. What remains in balance thrives.
Through an intention of service, in a giving & receiving environment, we grow in awareness building meaningful relationships by working together with those that have the forethought of giving their all. Service minded individuals become world-changers because they encourage respect, and gratitude for the opportunity they have been given.

Sustained through passion, loving what we & purpose, gratitude and respect grows along with health, happiness and a wealth of probabilities.

From the inside out through the Service Circle© we learn the “art of serving wholeheartedly”, through the joy of giving in an earned and “balanced exchange”.

Explore businesses serving the community and humanity with their purpose driven vision.

If you feel your business aligns with our core values and somehow we can support each other, email us at
We'll set up a Zoom call and see if we are a fit!

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