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About Veronique

and her Life work

The nature of Veronique's work reveals a higher state of awareness, beyond the logic of all the what to do's.

The wisdom and tools Veronique imparts, easily and automatically, begins to employ what frees the human spirit held captive in the fears generated from beliefs that negatively rule our life. Her life work provides us with simple tools that automatically erases the negative beliefs our misperceptions have formed and what we store unconsciously in the subconscious mind. Her material replaces what limits us with empowering subtleties that can create what appears as miracles.

Between her conventional and unconventional research, being with renown masters across the globe, her ability as an empath and intuitive, enabled her to recognize the subtleties that can reverse the most challenging experiences quicker than what was ever perceived possible.  Through her listening and observation powers she began recognizing the subtleties that made all the difference in sooner rather than later and employed them in her Freedom Is Internal System.

With consistent use her material not only supports sooner rather than later, it provides an individual, no matter the age, education, sex or economic level in a simple how to build an unshakable foundation within self that can never be taken from you. Be assured; (she reminds us) you can give it away, yet it can not be taken.   

Veronique's personal mentoring, The Freedom Is Internal System, the original 'letter' to herself, replaces beliefs and misperceptions that limit us, with what encourages and empowers us to be our authentic self moving away from destructive illusions into an empowering reality.  

As transformational as her material is, her message to all is; The key factor in being successful in life requires commitment to allowing yourself to discover, (if you don't already know) what would honestly fulfill you. Not what you think would fulfill you beyond attempting to force -something- through fear based thoughts - the absolute this is 'it', the 'it' that excites you, provides you endless energy because it evolved from some experience your life granted you that said; this is your path. 

Veronique has continued her path since its beginning in 1989 to today, 2024. 

"One of my biggest a-ha's in life is that stuff still happens, yet, growing into the lightness of being able to smile away by trusting this too shall pass, secures you a life of happiness over pain relived."                                                                                            

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