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Couple of Happy Colleagues
An Affiliate Opportunity
Veronique Inc. serves its helpers/employees/volunteers by supporting their growth through inner fulfillment and financial success.

The helpers/employees/volunteers in turn serve by outreaching with the products and services Veronique’s offers at a 50 / 50 commission ratio. 

We offer our Affiliate Program with the intent that affiliates surpass their wildest dreams by providing unparalleled support to potential and current clients. 

When we enter into relationships; professional, business, or personal, we have the opportunity to enter from the “point of view” of “serving others.” 
This program was established for those individuals who have benefited from either using “The Letter” to Myself or the entire Freedom Is Internal System.   

Joining Veronique’s Service Circle through its Affiliate program you contractually agree to up hold the company’s vision and mission philosophy.
The Business Serves its helpers/ employees/volunteers
The Helpers/ Employees/Volunteers Serves the clients
The Clients Serve the Business
… and so the circle continues.
Through an intention of service, in a giving receiving relationship, in an ever evolving circle we are supported in to an awareness of being unlimited.

A forethought of being in service encourages respect, and gratitude for the opportunity we have been given.

Loving what we do, gratitude and respect grows health,
happiness and a wealth of probabilities.

From the inside out through the Service Circle© we learn
the “art of serving wholeheartedly”,
through the joy of giving in an earned and “balanced exchange”.
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