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Throughout these Testimonials, you will find that there will be various references to The Freedom Is Internal System.

Know that however it is referenced in the testimonial, they all refer to this System.


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These stories are a small representation of the gamut of lives that have been transformed in 2 weeks or less through using the System as guided.

“Wow Veronique, we all have the what to do.

You have the how!"


If anyone ever said to you, ‘Look inside for your answers,’ and you said silently, ‘How do I do that?‘ Veronique’s Freedom Is Internal System is the HOW!

Her innovative approach universally serves to transform what we do that limits ourselves personally, professionally and/or organizationally into the highest achievement possible like nothing else currently available. It is an invaluable treasure to use for yourself, business or organization if you are looking for more freedom, happiness, health, success and love in life.


Barry Spilchuck

national and international Fortune 500 trainer

& author of ’a Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul’

  • Entrepreneurs
    “In a matter of a couple of days I discovered what it was that was holding me back and keeping me down. When I was asked to be in the Beta Test group (a group gathered to use the material and give feedback) for Veronique’s System, I really wasn’t expecting anything much different than ones I’ve done before. I have completed much personal growth work in the past, in fact, I’m have been teaching it to others for over 20 years, so I wondered what I might gleam from hers. Yet, right from the onset of both her mentoring and using her System, I realized it was different. Through the process and her amazing, insightful training, I was able to have a realization and breakthrough that was life-changing. She brought to my awareness an unconscious belief I had lingering from childhood which had caused me to diminish myself throughout my life, and which was sabotaging my career as the author of a new book. Since her work and the “cleaning up” we did, I have not only published my book and had it distributed nationwide, but have also have had it endorsed by Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch! I’m attracting miracles daily knowing it began with Veronique’s mentoring and innovative System. I now know THE CHOICE IS MINE! Thank you, Veronique, for your beautiful contribution to my life and to this world. “ debra gano – award winning author of beauty’s secret “All I knew about Veronique was what my friend had told me, that she possessed an amazing amount of wisdom from many different sources. I was in a rut and not progressing towards any of my goals. Even though it was so different from my belief system, I took a leap of faith. The changes in my life did not miraculously happen. It was hard and challenging work. I know that I would not have accomplished what I have without Veronique’s guidance and The Freedom Is Internal System. I was living in New Orleans when I began working with Veronique. Along with thousands of others, I evacuated when Katrina came. Just like the majority of people from the Gulf Coast, I never once thought that the evacuation would last more than a few days. When the extent of the devastation became clear, I felt paralyzed, as if I were in a permanent state of limbo, and overcome with anxiety. It was only after mentoring with Veronique thereby going deeper and continuing my work with The Freedom Is Internal System, that I was able to free myself from that state of paralysis and fear.Then, it was as if the floodgates of opportunity opened. Within six weeks, I interviewed for and was offered a job, purchased a home in a neighborhood I loved and made preparations for a training program for South Sudan.Returning to New Orleans was terribly disturbing. I know that I would not have had the physical, emotional, or spiritual strength to have done this if I had not been reading The Freedom Is Internal System and having weekly, sometimes twice a week, sessions with Veronique. It gave me the knowledge that no matter whatever happened, I knew I could deal with it and that everything would work out the way it was meant to. There was also the situation with the training program in South Sudan. South Sudan is an equatorial region with very hot weather and no modern conveniences, in addition to a great deal of political unrest. We had been in negotiations on this project before Katrina. After Katrina it was postponed. Generally, two or three of us conduct these trainings, but we were unable to find another trainer to accompany me. My work with Veronique gave me the confidence to go to South Sudan and conduct the program by myself. It was the most meaningful and challenging training event I have ever done. I encountered situations that I had never before faced. An incident occurred in the village outside our tent compound that terribly upset my program participants and had them fearing for their lives. I dealt with this and all the other situations very well. And again, I know this was a direct result of my sessions with Veronique and reading The Freedom Is Internal System. Veronique’s guidance and the wisdom in The Freedom Is Internal System is not magic or a quick fix. It’s about taking responsibility for your choices, but not beating yourself up about them. It’s about recognizing your fears and facing them. It’s about recognizing someone else’s fears and not responding in kind. It’s about knowing that you manifest what happens in your life and that whatever it is, you can handle it. It’s about not being judgmental with yourself or others. It’s about not trying to fix the rest of the world and accepting them as they are. It’s about being and projecting love. It takes commitment and dedication; yet it can change your life, if you take the leap. Take the leap.” ~ idella wilson – attorney “Veronique’s Freedom is Internal System… *** …has changed my life. As a licensed psychologist specializing in neuropsychology, I have spent decades studying the manner in which brainwave patterns impact performance and success, and using my education to help others. I have also spent years in therapy working on my own personal growth, and I have taken dozens of courses on professional and spiritual development. I thought I was fairly advanced on the path of personal growth; however, I still was dissatisfied with my life and unable to manifest my personal dreams and desires when it came to relationships, money, and happiness. This is all changing now that I have met Veronique. Her Freedom is Internal System is very different from any personal development material I have ever encountered, and I have studied with all of “The Greats.” Veronique truly has a unique gift in understanding the universal laws of energy and teaching others how to manifest their desires by returning to love in its innocence. Her System helped me eradicate cancer from my body in the first two weeks of working with her, and she has given me tools to be greater, happier, and more prosperous for the rest of my life. Her System is superior to any other program I have encountered and I see now that it is the only program I will ever need. Veronique has taught me more than I ever learned in graduate school about helping individuals achieve true happiness. I will use this knowledge to help others as I continue my work as a psychologist.” ~ dr. susan spicer – licensed psychologist *** It’s important to note that this metamorphic change Dr. Spicer experienced came from her allowing herself, with Veronique’s mentoring support, and the quantum physics found in the FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM, so in that brief moment in time, Dr. Spicer was able to be in the energy consciousness of health to where the cancer could no longer exist. Through this, she was able to transform the energy of cancer to the energy of good health. It’s the quantum physics and this ancient wisdom that is highlighted throughout this System and the one key element that made it all happen using the immutable law constructively. “My success in the personal growth and coaching field has been over 30 years. This has granted me my own acknowledgments from others. Yet, when meeting and working with Veronique I soon realized that there is a much higher level that others and I were not even touching because we simply did not know how! We had great theories on what to do, yet no practical HOW DO I DO THAT, which lasted! I now have the distinguished pleasure and opportunity to work with Veronique and her powerful groundbreaking material. My personal experience has been both exciting and unbelievable in what I have attained and grown from professionally and personally in such a short period of time. This astounding woman and her pioneering material coupled with her amazing skills in combining WISDOM & ENERGY have grown countless businesses and individuals and I am privileged to be one of them. Celebrate as I have because you have attracted to you a valuable resource in HOW to have what will open endless doors of opportunities, no matter what.” ~ t. loomis
 consultant “I am glad I waited until the end of the day to send my experiences from your words of wisdom. I feel whole again. The day was so beautiful. I have not felt so calm and all the foliage looked as if it was glowing. I have more confidence than I have had in a long time. Someone rebuked me today and I did not feel timid or upset that she was upset that she was upset with me. I have a knowing that I will meet all my business goals in a short time. I feel blessed — as if I am being nurtured in the palm of God. I love living in the moment! Thanks for your kind of healing!” ~ tom kroupa – businessman “Since listening to the S/He Loves Me audio and reading the Pocket Companion guide (two components of the Freedom Is Internal System), there have been changes in my life that are blissful when previously it was tumultuous. Following the guiding words and reminding myself by reading the Pocket Companion is helping me allow myself to be who I am without the external and internal struggle that was previously holding me back. There is something unique about Veronique from the melodic sound of her speaking to the formation of truths she shares. In its entirety, the audio portion of her Freedom Is Internal System is helping me love who I am because I am. If you listen to Veronique’s audio discourse, expect to feeling uncontrollable bouts of happiness and pure joy, which for me have increased the more I follow the words.” ~ Linda Beaulieu – Editor “I was stubborn, not stupid! My wife insisted I work with her and Veronique to save our way of life and marriage. My pride was bruised so I resisted at first; yet, I did not want to lose either so I said okay. I thank God everyday for my wife’s bossy ways. At first I thought Veronique would be uppity being so smart and all, not so. She made me feel safe and smart myself. Our life and marriage was saved and reborn into what my wife and I had dreamed of but could never get to for over 30 years. I did not graduate from high school, yet, with Veronique’s kind ways and her material The Freedom Is Internal System I feel I have a master’s degree in how to be successful in life, and we are in so many new ways. The best part, we turned everything around in less than nine months. A very small investment for the rest of our lives.” ~ bryan jones – farmer “This system is incredible! Loving every day now! It is hard to state in a short paragraph all that this system has done for my life because it crosses over and handles so many aspects, family, friends, business and of course, me. Veronique’s System transformed it all in to what supported the true me!!!! What a great gift she has for the world. There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God that she crossed my path. When challenges come up, and they do I quickly am centered by reading “The Freedom Is Internal System” It returns me to the now and me very easily and quickly. Thank you!” ~ janis m. – computer concepts I want to thank you! I was struggling with life and my business. I thought I had all the answers and life was just the way it was, hard. Veronique showed me a different way. A way more in tune to who I am. I am still an accountant, I just handle things from who I am and not from what I was attempting to force. Life got easier and in a short time more financially successful. The struggle is gone. It was hard at first to stay on her process because I was looking for a quick fix. Now I can’t think of a day I do not want to read, the “Freedom Is Internal” System, it makes all the difference between struggling and living a balanced, prosperous life.” ~ brad n. – accountant “WOW!!! My experience with Veronique is totally unconditional. Her empowering system, “The Freedom Is Internal System” is miraculous in how it helped me change my life. The power in transforming my ailing body, and most of all my lost spirit. “The Freedom Is Internal System” is and she is, very powerful.” ~ wanda b – real estate agent
  • Industry Leaders
    “Dear Veronique; Everyone needs to know what is in your THE LETTER TO MYSELF. When a truly great and unique Spirit Speaks, – you Veronique – we must be silent. Calmness of the Mind is one of the beautiful jewels of your wisdom. To help others see again, this you can do so well.” ~ n. wolfe founder/business industry leader in lighting, greater chicago area “If I did not experience this process for myself, I would never of believed it! Through the unique and powerful material Veronique provides (and did I mention simple) I was able to wipe years of grief and confusion from my life. She is an extraordinary woman and powerful example of love. Her compassion and clarity to know the truth and guide you unconditionally to have what you want goes beyond what I have ever personally experienced before meeting her. Every minute I have spent with her has been insightful and transforming.” “Thank you, Thank You, Thank You” ~ sharon g, ceo united industries “Thank you so very much! I have had professional assistance and no one did what Veronique was able to do. Her insight and directness went to the heart of my problem in less than 15 minutes. The “problem” went away and the past was just the past and not to be carried in to the now and future. She also gave me insight into how I was “wired.” … unbelievably she put me on this new course of thought and action. With my new knowledge of myself over the past month, several extremely large business ventures have magically dropped into my lap. My relationship with my wife and children is vastly better.” ~ randy v., president – endow your values, inc. “I pride myself on my professional abilities, yet my life wasn’t even close to living my dreams. I started consulting with Veronique. Without any hesitation and in less than 10 minutes she went right to ‘The Truth’ as to why I was holding myself back and feeling threatened in my position. Then, in her unconditional way, she personalized what I had to do for me. My job was employing her guidance and being consistent in reading ‘The Choice Is Mine.’ (one of the tools in The Freedom Is Internal System) During the six months we spent together, there were times I chose to do neither. Mind-boggling the difference!!!! When I followed her guidance and read the process, consistently, in less time than I imagined I turned my life around in to living my dream. I now know that had I listened and was more open in the beginning, I would have shortened my turnaround time even more. Even in my resistance, I began seeing the brilliance of her words.“ “Thank you so very much!” ~ dan a., president – hiring the best “I heard Veronique’s insights were very powerful, beyond the norm yet I did not know how powerful until I met her. I head a seniors club and the day to day coordination can be very stressful. I really valued Veronique’s guidance because my responses to what would normally upset me began changing overnight. I was able to see beyond my anger to what was not going my way and find the purpose and good as she supports you in knowing. What huge difference awareness makes! When things started going better for me I stopped reading “The Freedom Is Internal System,” never again, When I stopped reading the process everything started sliding back. That is when I realized it was not a book to read it was a way to live. I know when I fully integrate this wisdom I can stop reading and just live it. Until then I am joyfully reading & listening to the audio because I love the results.” ~ andrew young, founder – 50 and still active “Thank you for telling the truth! Working with professionals holds daily stress and different levels of challenges. Over my ten-year career and through all the training I received I thought I had all the tools I needed to be successful. Yet, there was something missing inside me. Veronique, her powerful yet ever so simple process assisted me in a discovering parts of myself I had buried. She went to the truth in the first mentoring session. From there we built a foundation that moved me from bruised to vibrant!!!!” ~ avery flynn, founder – Bio-Makers “Thank you for “The Freedom Is Internal System.” “I didn’t get it at first. I was looking for something mental, something that would tell me “…do this and your problems are solved.” Veronique told me to stick with the process. I did and I am so glad I made that choice because once I got myself out of the way I realized “The Freedom Is Internal System” was exactly what I needed. The bumps in the road both in business and in my marriage greatly improved within weeks and what use to be huge in problems are close to disappearing because of Veronique’s process and mentoring. The benefits are compounding.” ~ carl belfast, president – ties of many colors, inc. “This is easier and more powerful than I imagined. What I looked for and wanted was a superior mentor that was straight forward and would bring me the success I was looking for quickly- Veronique’s skill goes there quickly and intuitively allowing responsiveness and great advancement in to getting me what I wanted. I wanted a more stable financial base to operate from, I got it. “ ~ thomas craig, president – marketing to win “Thank you!” “I provide mortgages to high risk individuals and my business was always up and down. I had a strong business plan, yet, no plan to handle the different challenges or how the struggle was getting to me. Veronique suggested getting to the truth of my inner beliefs so I could better overcome the day-to-day turmoil. I did not think I needed help because what I thought I was experiencing was normal. She told me I only believed it to be true, so it was. I was still unsure so she challenged me. …the results were more than I expected and she was right. I had to make many changes within me. It was not easy, but well worth the effort. I did the work by sticking to her process consistently. In less than 90 days, (which is less time than I thought, actually I did not think anything would change) the process opened me to less struggles and more financial success. When I stopped using the System, I saw how things were going back to the way they were before reading it. I am no dummy, so I began reading it again and things returned to what I now know is the way life is supposed to be, easy, a lot more fun, and prosperous. I joyfully gave her the well-deserved bonus we agreed upon; what she does is understated.” ~ jonathan able, president – investment values, llc. “Amazing woman!” “I was caught off guard, I never expected that underneath Veronique’s vivacious personality and that bouncing hair or continuous smile and giggle there was such deep wisdom. She has a knowing so grounded there are no words to explain its depth. She is professional and superior in approach and results. She moves to the truth quicker than the speed of light– this is what really makes a difference. Veronique skillfully and intuitively brings new awareness and success in each interaction, and she supports you in knowing you how to do the same. I still cannot believe how simply powerful her process, “The Freedom Is Internal System” is; yet, it is, and it works! It is my pocket companion for life.” ~ ed johnson, president – wollabee, inc. “Every day I went through the motions of being happy, yet deep down I wasn’t. My business was good, yet I was dying inside. the “Freedom Is Internal System” and Veronique’s loving guidance made all the difference in the world. I feel alive! I am in the joy of focusing on my life goals. The bonus, my business doubled. I found a diamond in Veronique and did not really fully appreciate or know the jewel I had discovered until I was halfway through her 3-month program. She was the answer to my prayers. You are a treasure.” ~ carol miller, owner silk on silk “What a blessing is Veronique and her system. On one hand Veronique’s process is simple because all you have to do is read “The Freedom Is Internal System” and you feel and begin to see immediate changes in your life. On the other hand, it requires consistent reading of her system to replace past negative thinking with unconditional thinking and behavior to create the positive changes all the time. At first, I did not do this even though I was advised to do so. Once I thought my life was heading in the direction, I wanted I began finding excuses within myself not to do the homework Veronique would assign in mentoring or reading the book and incorporating the process within “The Freedom Is Internal System.” I would say I was doing it, yet in reality I was not. I thought I was fooling her, I was not. I was only fooling myself. My excuses ranged from being too busy, to not requiring any more assistant, to not being willing to listen to anyone else because I thought I really had all the answers. Of course, I felt this way after her assistance and once the fires in my life seemed under control because of her. Yet, I was too proud to admit the profound difference her assistance and guidance made. When Veronique brought to my attention that I was receiving more from my turmoil than what I was willing to exchange for what I wanted. I truly thought she was nuts and was angry at her insight. What I learned of Veronique and came to trust is whatever she says, is what she knows is the truth, and the “real” answer to what I asked for. She has no agenda except making sure I get what I asked for. I was the one with the hidden agendas. To shorten this testimonial, I got what I asked for, yet it took the strength of Veronique to hold up to the lies I told myself until my strength kicked in. I am so glad I continued. I thought “my way” was easier yet now I know ‘my way’ did not guide me where I truly wanted; she did. In addition, she did this unconditionally. She always went to the truth in five minutes or less. If you really want a coach to guide you so deep into yourself you will really get what you want in less time than you expect, Veronique and her wisdom is it!” ~ harold p., ceo – container box
  • Professionals
    Forever thankful! A very traumatic, stressful life got un-traumatic and un-stressed. When I was first presented with this process, it seemed too good to be true. Where I was in my life I had nothing to lose and more to gain if I tried Veronique’s process,“The Letter to Myself,” so I did, and it worked. Do you see me kissing her hands, because it is just what I did and I am not a touchy kind of guy. It is unreal, yet oh so real because it works. There is nothing to think about, only follow the process and you get what you want. Again, I say thank you!” ~ william p. rose – manager “I have more to say! I was lost for many years. I was holding myself back because I did not trust myself. I was very judgmental and was told from an early age that I was not good enough. I had made some real mistakes in my life that jeopardized the career that I chose. My fears kept me from succeeding and finding the perfect job for my family and me. My wife is a schoolteacher and has been the breadwinner in our family since we were married. I had gone to college to teach drama like my father did. I had a teacher that I “student taught” with that gave me a “not so favorable recommendation.” Instead of rising above that, I allowed it to effect my ability to find a teaching job. I was so fearful about not getting a teaching job that I created my fear by stealing a check from my employer and was convicted of a felony. My dream of teaching, in my mind, was crushed. I continued to go from job to job until my former wife decided that she had had enough and so she divorced me. It was at that time that I met Veronique. I was so depressed and did not see any hope for my future. Veronique approached me and offered to coach me. With the help of Veronique and “The Letter to Myself.” I was able to get a teaching job by creating beginning levels of unconditional love and responsibility for others and myself. At first, I read The Freedom Is Internal System 5 or 6 times. Through its use I created wiping my felony off my record and finding a teaching job at a residential treatment center with at-risk teenagers (the type of teenagers that I want to teach) After I got the job I thought all was well and stopped reading “The Letter to Myself” and my fears came back.I feared losing my job and was feeling I was beginning to sabotage myself as I have my whole life. I was urged by Veronique to continue to read the System. I was guided by her to continue to read the System but I chose to do other things. Fears began compounding. I then started reading the System again and began experiencing being unlimited. What Veronique shared with me started to sink back into my subconscious where my fears, through the reading and her mentoring, began lessening. There are things I am still working on and there will always be different challenges that come up for me but I know now that if I am able to step back and look at what I fear and be honest with myself, I will be able to step through it. None of this would have happened if I was not drawn to Veronique and her inspired “The Letter to Myself” ~ tj brewster – teacher of at risk teens “Dear Veronique; You are a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement. Your deep understanding and skillful presentations shows how compassion and love will give us endless clarity and energy. You ground very precious teachings that give life a completely new meaning. You have deepened my awareness with your wisdom, many blessings.” ~ joan k. meditation teacher I fell in love again! As a physician my life was about healing others, not healing myself. My experience bestowed upon me the responsibility of the head of a major hospital; in all of my responsibilities, I felt a void. I had heard from a friend what appeared as miracles, which Veronique seemed to attract in to others life. In my line of work I have come to trust the existence of miracles, yet I never thought I experienced it for myself. Before Veronique I was too proud to ask or admit I required help. My personal life was void of love and anything that lasted in fulfillment. I met Veronique and she knew this side of me without conversation that reveled any of these details. Veronique and her profound wisdom guided with such compassion it led me to what would eventually opened me to a miracle of a new, fulfilling relationship. I found myself and I fell in love again! Thank you Veronique.” ~ michael t. md – hospital director “Thanks for making life easier. As a manager of a very stressful job I was beginning to lose it. Everything seemed to be out of control. I started reading Veronique’s “The Letter to Myself” and was amazed how quickly my life settled. I stopped reading her process and the chaos started again. I began reading it again and like the magic found in a prayer that you say over and over again, one more time, life began flowing more tactfully. Your process becomes more powerful every day I read it daily. It is a gift for life.” ~ yate anderson – transportation assistant
  • Teens
    These next success stories represent feedback from a teenage Saturday afternoon beta study group. Veronique wanted to test the Freedom Is Internal System to see how it would work on the complex lives of teens. They were encouraged to attend with the prompt of unlimited pizza and that the class would only last 40 minutes maximum. What blew Veronique away, is they didn’t want the class to end, yet due to time restrictions, she had to end it after 4 hours. At the end of their first day back at school, they contacted the organizer stating forget the pizza, they just wanted more classes. They loudly proclaimed “…this is what’s missing!” Adults turning major parts of their lives around in 2 weeks is miraculous, however these teens, blew that miracle away. They were able to turn major issues around THE NEXT DAY by simply using the System as guided without resistance or debate WITH JUST 4 HOURS OF TRAINING. Their major issues included: eliminating bullying, better relationships with parents & siblings, getting rid of Acne, getting a girlfriend, getting along better in groups, not wanting to do drugs, and just feeling better about themselves. “DISCOVERING INNER STRENGTH AT 16 only after I implemented these techniques. I’m living proof this works at any age! When I first heard of this new method of inner strength I sort of laughed at it. I thought nothing of it. But when I went to the class I learned there are so many other ways to change the things in my life I couldn’t change myself. … These techniques have helped me work better in groups (no more bullying). If we were trained with these techniques, then undoubtedly that extra fifty percent we seem to be missing will be filled in. I’m living proof that this works at any age!” ~ alex – age 16 “This works! I went with my friend thinking the class would be boring. I went not thinking I would get anything from it except the pizza. I learned so much on what I could do to have what I wanted… without trying to force anything. I tried it the next day at school and it worked! I couldn’t wait to go to the next class, I didn’t care if they had pizza or not. Veronique said there was more and I wanted to know what it was. I wish they had this kind of guidance in school. I was even happier with my parents.” ~ piper y. – age 15 “I was destructive, upset and angry all the time. My mom gave me The Freedom Is Internal System. I started to feel better about myself, and then it became easier to have friends that really liked me. I even started getting along with my sister because I know what to do so she doesn’t get me so mad anymore.” ~ gary – age 13 “After reading and using The Choice is Mine (one of the components in the Freedom Is Internal System), it makes you want to not do drugs.” ~ billy – age 14 “I like myself for the first time and my acne is now gone“ ~ george – age 17 “It was difficult to stay with the process at first because I was looking for something I thought would jump out at me or be harder. When I first began reading ‘The Letter to Myself’ I kept putting it down. I could never finish it. I was looking for the whole process to be much harder so I thought it was a waste of my time. Thank God Veronique encouraged me to give it a month, yet be consistent in reading it. Since I was paying her to help me with this other problem, I did. I cannot explain what happened only that everything in the System is true and my life is easier. I am getting what I want without force. Through Veronique I learned I am the product of my anger/fears. I am living a main key in her writings ‘unconditional responsibility’ and I am so much happier.” ~ beth – age 18
  • Personal
    “In the arms of an angel – years of migraines gone!” I’ve been experiencing migraines for many years. They were so bad that they would put me down for days so of course I was willing to try anything. With Veronique’s love and her guidance to help me find the real reasons for my migraines and my willingness to bring it out, I can tell you that I no longer have them. Miracles do happen in life, and will happen for you; it has for me through the wisdom Veronique’s shares… When I left Veronique that day and got into my car something told me to turn on the radio. I did, and playing was “In the Arms of an Angel” may you find some comfort (Sarah McLaughlin). Veronique was my Angel that day showing me the love within myself. I speak to all, that you will find everything you desire in life with the guide of an ANGEL “Veronique”, an angel from our lord God above, to help us reach that what his son sacrificed for all of us that total unconditional love of our being.” ~ tammy g. – homemaker “Even though I was drawn to the System, I still had doubts as to if this was the same as all of the other personal development stuff out there, as I had pretty much seen it all. There is so much different material of varying quality out there today that I wanted to hear more before committing to purchasing The Freedom Is Internal System. When Veronique started the call I was very impressed with the information she was giving to all of us on the call, it truly was different. I have seen a lot of material in this field and her Freedom Is Internal System is truly different than anything out there that I have experienced. She wasn’t trying to sell the System she was just giving of herself. What impressed me most was that Veronique was so genuine. I could feel during the call that she cared and practiced what she taught. I did purchase the System and am going through it now. I am excited about learning from Veronique.” ~ mark m. florida “VERONIQUE AND HER KNOWLEDGE / WISDOM ARE THE BIGGEST BLESSINGS IN OUR LIVES. Her knowledge / wisdom cover all aspects of human experience, from a spiritual perspective. They are all-inclusive and resonate the deepest of any teachings I have experienced. She has it all, and shares it all, to anyone who chooses. My husband Jack has been near death many times over the past two-and-one-half years. He had the worse pneumonia known to man, a killer to most who get it. Called B.O.O.P., this illness left his lungs severely damaged All the doctors – and he had a lot – told him he would never have healthy lungs again. There were much, much coughing, lots of phlegm, pain, and oxygen 24-hours a day… the whole nine yards that was associated with his damaged lungs. I wondered where it came from. He had to have a suction machine to handle the extreme coughing and phlegm. In all of this Jack’s intestine burst. Surgery was necessary to quickly clean what they could of the heavy toxins that poisoned his system. Due to surgery; Jack was required to have a tube inserted in his stomach in order to eat. He cannot ingest whole foods. When he tried to eat normally, he would always vomit; subsequently, he hasn’t eaten by mouth for over a year. All food and medicines are fed through the tube. His immune system was dangerously compromised from the different illnesses he had, plus the many, many meds he had to take. All in all this left him feeling like a wet dishcloth and he looked even worst.He’s been to the best hospitals in town and out of town, had the best doctors and all the newest medications and treatments. After all that, there was no significant improvement, and we were told to take him home and keep him comfortable. They didn’t expect him to survive. I have been constantly caring for Jack since August of 2000, during all of his hospital stays and at home, over the past few years. The experiences were many and draining. Since all the orthodox methods failed, we asked God to help us. Lord God what next? What else can we do? Where do we go? Our youngest daughter kept reminding us about Veronique, whom we knew from past in-person classes and instructional audios. Her teachings / wisdom cover all aspects of human experience, from a spiritual perspective. They are all-inclusive and resonate the deepest of any teachings I have experienced. She has it all, and shares it all, to anyone who chooses. What came to me in that moment was, “Ask and you shall receive.” Even though we thought we wanted a quick cure, our spiritual selves knew the slower healing was for our highest good. At the time, we did not know or believe that completely, but we do now. In time we remembered from the past that the truth was always revealed from what Veronique spoke. Therefore more and more we decided to trust Veronique’s guidance because we knew she always spoke the truth. She guided us to do many things we were not use to doing, yet we followed the guidance. We chose to put our entire faith in what Veronique said and started the slower healing. One of them was to hold on to the truth of what we were all accomplishing as a team effort. There were times in the beginning we questioned why we made this decision because it seemed impossible. Little by little, Jack’s coughing got better. Today, he rarely uses his suction machine. I know his immune system is better, because he is getting stronger, and he can tolerate more and more. The winter has come and gone with no new illnesses. The doctors were so afraid of another bout with pneumonia. No, not this winter! His primary doctor is amazed he has come so far. He used to appear emaciated and very sick looking; he had lost 40 pounds and was very weak. Now, he has gained back 20 pounds, he is no longer bed ridden, and he looks healthier, with good color! He walks from his bed to his favorite lounger, out to his patio chair, and even gets in his electric chair and takes a spin around the yard in the sunlight. He’s so happy to be outside. Remember, hospitals used to be his home, and the sun never touched him for months at a time. All this recovery we attribute to Veronique’s knowledge, and we are so grateful for her guidance… so grateful we chose to trust this wisdom. If we had taken the quick way, we would not have learned to recognize and deal with the underlying reasons for his illness, such as locked-up emotions and miss-guided thinking. Her loving help, “holding our hands”, and being there for us each step of the way has allowed us to see what a great, great gift she gave us. She taught us how to use our own POWER, to turn inward to our own Spiritual Source, and not to rely on outward, quick fixes. Veronique didn’t even want us to rely on her Power. She always put it back in our laps. Sometimes, we did not like that, but now we know the marvelous Power of God in us is healing Jack – and me – every minute. Veronique always tells the TRUTH, regardless of whether we want to hear it or not. We’ve learned to trust this Truth, because we have seen for ourselves what truth, real truth, can transform. Initially, we trusted her wisdom, and it has now become the wisdom we are living. In living this wisdom a miracle is happening before our eyes. Jack’s lungs are so very much better. He’s more alert, gets around more easily, and we plan going out to dinner before long, like we used to. Our longer range goal is to go to Oklahoma in July. Guess what, we’re on our way! Jack asked for some homemade custard last week, and yesterday he asked for some milk. That’s the first time in a year he has requested any food. This is a new beginning. We are both so glad we took Veronique’s well-guided wisdom, because we both feel more empowered to heal ourselves in this drama we created. When the next drama comes up, we’ll already know how to use the marvelous power of God, love, until we don’t need any more dramas. Veronique will always be there for us, so long as we are working as a team to empowerment, that’s what she does. We realize we cannot put our responsibilities on her shoulders. What a blessing to know this. We are so grateful. We hope you can find this faith in yourself and in the wisdom Veronique provides, as we did. At first, I will admit, we were skeptical, —- we wanted it all now! If we had not made the choice we did, we would have missed a miracle, because now we know, even a little bit, how much Power {God-Power} we really have. Jesus said, after he healed someone, “Go thy way and sin no more”. We take that to mean, “The God of me heals you, but quit doing the same things the same way, that got you into the mess you are in if you want to stay healed.” Veronique guides us in discovering what Jesus was talking about. The wisdom she is and shares helps us see where we missed the mark and how to heal and stay healed. Veronique guides us out of our “messes”, and if we change our false thinking and reactionary emotional responses, we will not have to repeat them. It is a matter of remembering who we truly are and knowing that we have the power in every situation. Thanks to Veronique’s help and guidance the Light of the God and love, real love, is back in our eyes and in our hearts. We lost it for awhile in fear, anger, judgment and blame, “trying” to figure out why all this had happened. It is back now and getting stronger daily. In her masterful words; “There is nothing to figure out. It is what it is and in that there is perfection. Allow the purpose of your creation to unfold in divine timing, through love, unconditional.” We chose to do it differently, and it is paying off. The pain is turning into a miracle, and Veronique, Jack, and I are making that miracle happen … with the captain of our team, THE LORD GOD OF OUR BEING.” ~ barbara p. kindle “In all my years of taking personal development training, Veronique is the first and only person who has not inserted herself or what she thought was best for me into the training system. She comes from the pure truth and that is all she shares. She allowed me to determine how it was true for me and that allowed me to go faster than anything I have ever studied before.” ~ veronica v. (connecticut) “…AWOL & DRUG CHARGES DROPPED… by affirming through the empowering nature of true love… What Veronique shared with me helped me be successful in my journey of change. It also helped me be free with my self when I was so scared. It helped me help myself, through those parts of myself that I had judged. It was so powerful that I was able to do this in jail when no one was available to help me though this frightening time. I felt free when I wasn’t, (I was in jail). I also felt that I was saying and feeling the ultimate prayer and that is why I will say, use, and live it everyday. It also made me feel that I could talk to anyone who I was praying about when I physically couldn’t.” ~ jason – age 19 “I first experienced the power of The Freedom Is Internal System in a two week beta study class that I was fortunate to be a part of. When we first started the class, the material seemed unusual to me and not like anything I was used to in regards to the many other personal development & healing related workshops I have taken in the past. I struggled to get my mind around the concept – only later to realize that is not how the System works…. you just use it. So since I wanted to be helpful in the beta study group and provide useful feedback, I dropped the idea of attempting to understand it and just implemented the System on my allergies, which were a huge issue in my life, just to see how effective it was. My allergies were so bad that from spring until the first frost, I would walk around with the symptoms of a fever with sinuses so inflamed, I would get nose bleeds constantly, have greatly itchy eyes, constant sneezing, and just all around feeling tired. I was used to this reality so I just pushed on. So without thought or expectation, I used the System as guided on my allergies whenever they would flare up, which was all the time. I began to notice a brief lull in my symptoms & just kept using the System and the periods between symptoms kept getting longer and longer. I got more and more excited about using the System and felt joy as my allergy symptoms went away. Finally after 2 weeks of consistent use, the allergies just never came back. I never knew how deep it went until I realized some time later (months & months later), that my allergies to cats was gone and my lactose intolerance went away as well. I was so lactose intolerant that I would get violently ill with a glass of milk. I realized that I didn’t have lactose intolerance any more when I had a latte and realized that it was made of milk after I drank it, and had no symptoms. I knew it was from using the System on my allergies. After this experience, with this knowledge, I came to know that ANYTHING out there can be healed if it is in our soul’s journey to do so…. ANYTHING. Not only has this System & Veronique’s guidance supported me in transcending physical ailments, it has also supported me in transcending levels of fear towards life that were as intense, if not greater, than my allergies. It has supported me in breaking so many false perceptions that created these levels of fear that most of us take for granted as being normal and correct. The System shined a light on these misperceptions to be able to transcend so many of my fears and gave me the tools to put the right habits into place where my life can be more graceful, easy and abundant.” ~ b. hopkins “The profound wisdom and in-depth insight within ‘The Freedom Is Internal System’ enabled me to take precise action, thereby, saving me and my children’ s lives. …Once I started incorporating the wisdom of this (Veronique’s) material from the audios and the books, into my life, everything started to turn itself around. …her empowering System is the miraculous power she has to guide others into transforming ailing bodies, minds and spirits. Her wisdom has awakened me to the love, truth and strength from within myself” ~ c. murphy “Mommy do you know what The Choice Is Mine (one of tools in the Freedom Is Internal System) does when you read it? It takes out all the hate and puts in love. I want to keep on reading it; it makes me feel safe.” ~ jackie – age 7
  • Beta Study Group
    These next testimonials represent feedback from a 2 week long beta study group Veronique had on only one of the tools in the System called The Choice Is Mine – Logic. In this group, within a 2 week period, EVERYONE that was committed to change, received their highest priority, whether they believed in the System or not. “I am noticing that I am aware of more successes I am creating in my life. Especially easier to appreciate when I flashback a year ago are now coming true and I am enjoying the experiences. I also notice that I can allow the truth all my experiences are in my day are my choice and there to serve a purpose to evolve even-more gracefully than last week.” ~ beta study student “I am so glad I had the opportunity to have used these principles over the years. I recently came out to my mother and as I thought, she didn’t accept my orientation. However, I was so calm with the way I came out to her, and so unconditional with the way I came out to her, there was no drama and upset. I was completely OK with her point of view and instead of feeling rejected, I felt nothing but love for her because I knew that her rejection of my orientation wasn’t about rejecting me, but about her giving Love to me in the only way that she knew how to give it. In her life, the way she grew up was what was successful, and anything outside of that was not. All she wanted for me was to experience the success that she had using her ‘life formula’, and in her mind, my orientation wasn’t a part of that. I was able to accept her as she was, and more importantly, I was able to free myself because now I could allow myself to be me and not feel like I had to be like my mother in order to accept and receive her love. It was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever had!” ~ beta study student “You had asked for some feedback on re-reading the first twelve chapters before moving ahead to other chapters or stopping altogether; and because it has been personally difficult for me I have really thought about it. I would have to say that it may be the first test of trusting and listening to my own intuition. If you can get your arms around the first part of this material where you realize everything that was holding you back from happiness, being healthy or secure inside, which, as you state creates the outside security, which these understandings has really helped me, then you know you need to spend more time on the beginning of this material for it to really come through and finally click the way it will if you reread. Thank you so very much. Both Karen and I have found ourselves laughing more and building an inner peace and security we have never felt so strongly as we have these last couple of days since beginning this course. It is amazing and something than we lost along the way that we have not felt in quite some time, yet this freedom and strength is returning.”< ~ beta study student “We are so used to the definition of love we get from the movies, or stories, and this understanding of love was very different, yet complete for me. After reading this chapter (a few times), I began to realize that statements like, ‘If you love me you’ll do this, or that.’ or ‘If I don’t have this person’s love then life is not worth living’ really have nothing to do with the love we have at our core It’s like the Innocence of Love allows all things, and so it’s not about ‘If you love me you’ll do this or that,’ but ‘I love you as you are, and I also love myself. So I’ll allow you to be you, and love me in the best way you can, yet I’ll also allow what brings me joy into my life, and if you are a part of that, that’s great, and if not, that’s great too, because what bring me joy will come to me in some other way!’ It’s great because this mindset doesn’t make anything wrong and I don’t believe the innocence of Love at our core makes anything wrong either.” ~ beta study student “We talked about my perception of love, especially as it revolves around my parents. The insight I am now aware of is that my parents are the type of people who are able to be their “best” and offer the most “love” when another (especially their children) are in a troubled state. They are very good at soothing wounds, and when they do that, I feel love from them. What they are uncomfortable with is authentically offering their love when enthusiastically supporting their children, mostly because (I’m deducing here) their lives have been lives of strain and strife and that is their comfort zone. They truly have a hard time honestly believing something is real when it is going really well because their thought is, ‘It is only temporary and it’s probably not as good as you think it is.’ So, I have realized that when they are in their comfort zone, this is the only understanding of love they have. The opposite is when it feels false… and there’s something warm and cozy about that feeling of getting that “love’ from your parents! Funny, my accident was Tuesday night, and I still haven’t called my parents about it (unusual for me, normally they are my first phone call). I have felt intuitively like it won’t serve me, because they will give me lots of “poor baby, etc.”, make a BIG deal about it, tell everyone else in the family. Whereas when I did my radio interview, I never heard another word, I would almost guarantee no one else in the family heard about it, it was just dropped. But the fact I had a CAR accident well, “THAT’S” something to talk about!!!! Does this make sense? So I’m realizing that I get my attention from my parents when I have problems, troubles, issues, and not much the other way. So in a way, it serves me to stay small, so I don’t lose their love.. they might not recognize me if I wasn’t small and that would be loss for me…AKA sadness, grief, etc.” ~ beta study student “In reading the first chapters, I found that I had to read many of them multiple times in order to understand them completely. For instance, it took me 6 times to really understand before I really “got it.” Overall, though, reading the chapters more than once or even twice or three times, helped me to fully absorb the meanings of each of the ideas and become more conscious. By being totally conscious and attentive to the ideas in The Choice Is Mine, it been unreal how my life has change for the better so quickly. I also have been able to form my questions better, which in turn gets me clearer and more direct answers. The change in me is feeling wonderful, the results are amazing. I really didn’t understand how changing from being conditional (limited/destructive) in my mindset to be unconditional (unlimited/constructive) in my mindset could blossom into the person I am now experiencing through a new level of freedom, and trust. Wow this really works exactly like you said” ~ beta study student “At the start of being given this course material, the explanation for the Keys was not included. I requested this information, feeling that I would absorb the information and assimilate it better with everything at my disposal. Veronique explained that the definitions of the keys were not yet relevant to my study. When the explanations were given to me some 11⁄2 weeks later, I really feel I was more able to understand the keys and how they really do build on one another in the process of recognizing everyday events that are conditional and how to process these situations ‘as an observer.’ Thank you for allowing me not to digest too quickly this information because of it conflicting with the conditional thoughts, feelings and beliefs I have built in the subconscious of who I am and what I am about for years. Our culture is geared toward assimilating all kinds of information the fastest, most succinct way possible. This information (the 1st 12 chapters) really needs to be digested slowly in order to make the most use of it. I love to read, and the book I have re-read the most is ‘Gone With The Wind.’ I can’t even say how many times I’ve read it; enough to have the first couple of paragraphs of an almost 600 page book memorized. I really feel for myself that I need to cherish this material in the same way I have cherished that book. I’m truly beginning to understand that I am worth it; worth being cherished by being love.” ~ beta study student “After only studying the material for about 5 months, I have really been able to connect very deeply with my intuition and have used the Keys to dissolve many kinds of emotional upsets. I have even greatly reduced my allergy symptoms by using the Keys alone! I am incorporating this material into my daily life and am remembering how to live the material. I have found a new sense of confidence I didn’t know I had and am beginning to fully step into my power. Every time I re-read the chapters, I gain new insight and discover something new about myself and my role in being Unconditionally Responsible.” ~ beta study student “I’m aware of two layers of ‘being’ with my ego. One is in allowing my feelings, thoughts and desires to be expressed freely rather than repressed. The second is in not judging the results that may appear to be other than I wanted. The results are whatever I say they are – fulfillment of love or denial of love.” ~ beta study student “The wow moment was getting another way to look at life, with the responsibilities and the exchanges required to have those responsibilities. I think maybe some blockages people have are because they don’t think they can manage the exchanges required to have the responsibilities. Also looking at seeing how I place conditions on everything… Just by observing how I feel, I can see if I’m doing it or not. The next step is to use the 10 keys to change it to unconditional. If I feel the need to defend myself, then whatever I did, it was conditional. In getting mud on something, don’t wrap a story around it. Just go with the flow…. and others will follow.” ~ beta study student “Wow! The way I read it at first I was still reading it through my conditional beliefs so I misunderstood what was being said. The value of having the training is you (Veronique) caught me in my misperception so when I went back to reread the chapters I saw where my conditional beliefs changed my perception of what was being said. That was very powerful for me.” ~ beta study student “Wow moments are silencing the mind chatter by recognizing the voice and noticing if it is conditional or unconditional. It really helps to eliminate the struggle to try to remove the mind chatter. What you resist persists… The statement of using intuition to solve a problem and not logic that may be convoluted with conditions… was powerful. After using this material, I found that people were approaching me instead of me having to approach people. I put the intent out there that I would exactly meet the people that I needed to meet, and after leaving the meeting, I felt it was successful because I met the people I needed to meet. Then I realized that it is like that no matter how you feel, or what you think. Based on what you feel, think, and believe, you will attract those people. Again, I knew this, yet this process allowed me to REALLY absorb it in a different way, and really begin to have faith in the process. It removed much stress and judgment.” ~ beta study student (Veronique: “The reason this process works so powerfully, is it’s not intellectual. It works on the subconscious level where 90% of how your choices creates. The reason it removed much stress and judgment, is because you were able to affect the 90% more unconditionally.”) “I have to say that out of the things I have studied, this one allowed me to make the most changes because it discussed how the subtleties (Love, judgement, etc.) play such a big role in our life, and if you can change them, the big things will take care of themselves. It also allowed me to understand the other things I have studied at an even deeper level. What’s great is this material doesn’t really contradict other material that is out there. Using this System in conjunction with the other material allows you to make even greater changes with the other material because you will know how to use the other material at an even deeper level.” ~ beta study student “The understanding and use of these Keys (a tool in the Freedom Is Internal System) has been a very empowering experience for me. I had to really understand the chapters and the importance of the Keys by reading them over and over again to allow me to use these Keys in a very powerful and effective way in my day to day activities. In some situations that occur in my day, I experience immediate emotional and physical results by using the Keys. These are really powerful tools that are clearing the way for me for truly living in grace, ease and plenty of abundance! This is really exciting” ~ beta study student
  • Veronique's Retreat Experiences
    The stories below come from individuals that had the exclusive opportunity of being in a one-on-one interaction with Veronique while staying in her personal residence. Here is when you get to experience a gamut of what a nurturing environment provides for deeper R&R levels. “Wow! What can we say, our stay was nothing short of heavenly and most rejuvenating! Veronique is a most amazing human being. She goes above and beyond to create an uplifting atmosphere through an exquisite style of decor. We got a special treat with her incredibly creative and beautiful Halloween decorations; our kids were over the moon. Her impeccable attention to each and every detail undeniably shows that her sole focus is to honor each and every guest as special human beings. The high-end sound, the wide range of organic teas, the home made soaps, amethyst crystals in the sinks, and the gorgeous paintings create an delightful ambience in a home where we feel welcomed, appreciated, respected and accepted so we can totally let go of all the day to day stresses and outside expectations. I have stayed in many hotels from Hamburg to Hong Kong, but not even the most luxurious accommodations provided the treat that awaited us both with Veronique and in her back yard. Veronique’s pool is not just a tastefully decorated pool in a quiet garden. It is a celestial spa experience with heated water infused with minerals from the Dead Sea. We could finally relax, without a care in the world, for these 2 days. We feel rejuvenated and fully rested! Veronique is such a blessing! We highly recommend staying in her lovely home, for anyone looking for a unique escape from the frenetic ordinary” ~ marie, florida “A place where you can let go of all your ailments. A place where you can heal. To say Veronique will take care of you, is an understatement. We bonded almost instantaneously. Her hospitality is impeccable. Veronique has a particular acuity with people. She knows which accommodations to make, almost instinctually. Come for the experience. Stay to challenge your perception. You will feel the core of relaxation here. The intellectual conversations are a plus as well. I highly recommend staying here if you’d like a place to clear your mind, challenge your perceptions, and heal. Stay here.” ~ john, brookfield, wi “This is an experience to embrace. This is thinking of just about every detail and having it covered. This is my go to space to shed the stress of the day and relax in this positive energy rich tropical environment.” ~ roger, louisville, ky “OMG. Veronique’s hospitality is outstanding. Her home is beautiful and stylish with an amazing vibe that left me feeling so relaxed and loved it so much I stayed as long as I could! The spa pool and pool area in general were also amazinggg! I don’t want to leave. “ ~ kiara, shreveport, la “V is the best! Her personal and thoughtful touches throughout her home are amazing and the home is stunning. But the best part is still V herself.” ~ nikita, san francisco, ca “Best experience ever! Veronique’s home was picture perfect and the energy goes above and beyond! We especially loved the relaxing aromas & ambiance of the home and Veronique was the cherry on top. Look no further for a mind-blowing experience.” ~ fredrick, starkville, ms “You will absolutely love Veronique and this experience. Her home is beautifully decorated, very peaceful & quiet. My first impression when I entered was “I want to live here” I am sure you will love this experience as much as I did. Thanks again Veronique for opening your heart & home!” ~ nivia, miami, fl ” I was attending a dear friends funeral. I chose to stay with Veronique. Her spa inspired home was exactly what I needed. I was blown away! The moment I walked in to her beautifully decorated home with it’s incredible aroma, soothing music and glowing candles, I knew I had made the right choice for me. Veronique’s warmth and attention to detail made my five day stay with her a healing and rejuvenating experience. I am actually looking forward to returning!” ~ stacie, gaffney, sc “This beautiful place was just what my soul needed…some peace. The house is amazing and everything is in harmonious balance. Veronique is an amazing person. If you’re searching for a quiet, relaxing, space…a respite from the disharmony life can throw at us…look no further. I give Veronique my highest recommendation. Give your soul a vacation and stay here.” ~ tyler, orlando, fl “Veronique was a gracious and welcoming host. I very much enjoyed my time in her home taking care of myself while healing from my mother’s passing. I appreciate you Veronique!” ~ bianca, new york, ny “What a joy it was staying with “V”. She exemplifies what is the best part of Humanity. From her caring, outgoing personality, and the effort she has put forth made my stay special and my ability to rejuvenate and relax from the hectic day to day stuff that cleared the stress from my body. Thank you again V!!! ~ joe, overland park, ks “This was a special treat, during our girls trip. Veronique extremely welcoming and accommodating. Her home was gorgeous, with a wonderful spa-like ambiance. She had all of the right touches, like placing flowers, water, and crisps in our room. Soft music and the scents of essential oils flooded the home. Yet, she was wonderful to engage in conversation! We enjoyed everything about his experience… even the Mascots Fredrick and Alexander! We will definitely be back for another unique R&R!” ~ brittany, georgia “I had the most wonderful spa inspired weekend with Veronique. From the moment I walked into her home, I felt calm & at ease. The luxury touches abound within in this home, from the sumptuous linens to the splendid décor throughout the house. Within 30 minutes of my arrival I was sinking into a gorgeous bath with Epson salts & essential oils. It was perfect. Other items I loved were the ambient music played throughout the day, the lounge area for watching movies was very cozy. It was a true R&R. This is why I have been back 3 times a month apart. It’s what I needed.” ~ pauline, tralee, ireland “Oh my gosh! Veronique’s home is heaven! And if you are fortunate enough to stay here, seize the opportunity. It’s not just about her home, it’s also about Veronique’s generosity, which is not the norm. My husband and I came her for our mini-honeymoon getaway and we were so happy this is where we got to share the beginning of our new life together. When you step foot into Veronique’s home you immediately feel the warmth and hospitality. Veronique, the owner of the house, graciously gave up her own master bedroom of her home which she transformed into the most magical honeymoon suite for us. Her kindness and attention to detail are so apparent because when she showed us our room I literally cried. The room and whole house itself are already beautifully decorated, but what Veronique did for my husband and I made even more beautiful and special. There were 2 beautiful long stem roses set upon our pillows, rose petals laid all cross the bed and candles glowing on the armoire. Amongst Veronique’s many gifts and talents she provided organic, home-made lotions, hair oils, and the best toiletries for the bathroom. She even provides robes, hair styling tools, and the softest towels just like a real spa and the rain fall shower is amazing! Every morning, my husband and I woke up saying “this is heaven!” Throughout the rest of the house Veronique has excelled at creating a the cutest Pinterest-y house with a spa-like ambiance from the decor to the wonderfully scented candles to the relaxing music playing throughout the house 24/7. She has made the kitchen a comforting gathering place for her guests and every morning she sets up a beautiful breakfast station accompanied with all the coffees, teas, toasts and jams to enjoy. I highly recommend taking your breakfast outside to the pool and seating area because it is the perfect place to unwind before walking down the street to the nearby shops and restaurants. If you are planning a special vacation of any kind… honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, etc.. you must stay here! And be sure to tell Veronique it’s a special occasion because she will gladly set up her master suite for you and a special touch to make sure your occasion is extra special. Thank you so much Veronique for making our honeymoon a dream come true!” ~ carissa, indiana “Veronique takes the greatest care in looking after her home and the space that she provides for guests. As a result one is enveloped by an atmosphere of comfort, peace and rejuvenation. This was the main reason I was drawn to this material. When I came into Veronique’s home and as I spent time in her company, my own energy calmed, lightened and came to vibrate in a remarkably more consistent state of balance. I felt from her a tangible Love In Innocence expressing though her own uniqueness. At the end of my stay with Veronique I knew, absolutely, that this was the next step for me, the essential step I had been longing for. The process to take me from wisdom to true deep knowing. To enable me to allow Love In Innocence, that I was certain still lived within me, to be my reality… …I wish you (all) love, light, and laughter on your unique journey into unconditional being!” ~ miranda wilson l.a. california award winning actress, co founder of the lewes new school, and emotional intelligence coach.


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