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Mountains in Clouds
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QUOTES by Veronique

Anger kills happiness. 

No single life is more important than another. 

Every moment counts

Stepping outside of your limitations, you become connected to what is greater

You cannot gain from what you do not earn

Believe in yourself and your true self unaltered by fear will emerge, this is when you will meet your destiny

The more you fight change, the more you are left behind

The only way to get off the fence of no lasting change is a 100% commitment to change

You life is the sum total of what you fear or what you love.

A single choice can define your destiny... another choice can redefine it.

Support what you want to flourish then trust it will happen.

When you are living through love in innocence you don't have to look for answers they simply arrive in unexpected ways

Everything works for you despite what is conjured up in the mind

What you place your focus on... is what you receive.

Courage is found when you use it.

Anyone who is great at anything does it for their own approval

What you judge is a mirror reflection

Life can not hold you back only you have that power

Your Value Does Not Come from your possessions, yet know you are worthy of them

Any doubt you project is a big eraser to Love's ability to create ease, grace and abundance

Awareness grows out of all experiences when you look for the purpose and good within each.

Anger/Fear diminishes your unique brilliance into foolish choices

Singularly focusing on taking right action in the direction of your goals allows you to emerge from life's turkey waters empowered

When we bond together as one, coming together gives us the energy we require to be free & at peace

Action and Trust is Essential

When a house is divided it falls... Unite your inner home by declaring and taking action into your vision

I am one with the infinite supply

When you are responsible and accountable for the choices you make, then and only then can Love be a part of those choices.

Any excuse you insert into why your life is not how you want it to be is the hold button to Love's unlimited ability to support YOU in having what you want.

If I think I am more I am afraid I am less. If I think I am less, I am afraid of the responsibility of being more. When I remember to be love, I can not be afraid of anything

Reality is the Keeper of Truth, Not a My Truth Your Truth Debate... or what's right or wrong. What is... is... simply the truth.

Remember if you want to limit yourself it's a choice and in any moment you and only you can be responsible to make a different choice

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