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What we are selling


  • We are selling the 

  • System $944 for hardcopy (see flat lay photo of materials on homepage)

  • Digital copy available for $375

  • Payment plans available

  • Membership $20 (forum, q&a, access to interviews, podcasts, blogs, etc.


  • Mentoring Programs


  • An author who taught personal development classes for over 20 years & hadn’t been able to get her book published for years was able to do so within 2 weeks as well as get endorsements from jack canfield & a former ms USA - her book later won 2 awards.

  • an attorney who was in the middle of hurricane Katrina, within a month, was able to get govt. assistance, that no one in her neighborhood was able to receive as well as get a program off and running by herself in South Sudan where no one else was able to do. In addition while she was there, using the principles of the system, she saved a village from a rebel attack.

  • Within a 2 week period of time, a woman was able to reverse her stage 4 cervical cancer to where there was no sign of it (after 2 tests). The doctors had her sign a document that they weren’t committing malpractice because the results were so unbelievable.

  • A personal coach who was in the industry for 30 yrs was able to keep the home he was in danger of losing, come into some resources where he and his wife were able to get a new home that better fit their finances all within 30 days.

  • A business owner gained confidence and was able to look at life from a positive viewpoint after a lifetime of feeling disempowered.

  • An editor gained self love where they had lost it a long time before and had the confidence to be who they are inside.

  • A couple saved their marriage of over 30 yrs & transformed it into what they’ve always dreamed for their marriage to be. They also feel they have the skills to master their life with ease no matter the current climate.

  • A business owner was able to improve many areas of their life at once and now has the ability to get through life’s challenges instead of remaining in struggles and hardships because before those challenges were roadblocks

  • An accountant is now able to live a balanced & prosperous life instead of never-ending despair & realized life doesn’t not have to be full of hardship & struggles.

  • A real estate agent was able to heal their ailing body and regain their lost spirit they had been dealing with for years.

Business Owners

  • A business owner was able to calm their mind that was racked with a constant chatter of ‘negativity’

  • A CEO removed years of grief & confusion from her life so she could feel love and have the life she passioned beyond her dreams.

  • A president removed old ways of thinking in 15 minutes using the System after years of trying other modalities and not being successful. Using the System in one month he was able to attract several extremely large business ventures that eluded him in the past.

  • A president who wasn’t even close to living his dreams knew within 10 minutes of working with Veronique what he was doing to hold himself back. By using the System, he was able to turn his life around and live his dreams in less than 6 months.

  • A Founder, almost overnight, began changing how he responded to life so the normal day to day upsets didn’t distract from his goals and was able to enjoy life more.

  • Another Founder in a short period of time was able to connect with that part of himself that moved him from bruised to vibrant so he was able to fully take advantage of all the skills training he had learned over the years to do his job more effectively. He felt more whole and fulfilled in his life & work.

  • A president, within weeks, by just reading Volume II - The Choice Is Mine, was able to resolve huge problems in both his business & personal life.

  • Another president was quickly able to have a more stable financial base to operate his business from

  • A president who realized up and down life struggles were not normal and once they received that understanding, in less than 90 days, faster than they expected, were able to have more joy in their life and even expanding finances to where they are now living a life of ease, fun, and prosperous.

  • Another president was amazed as to how powerful the System is when they knew the truth within 5 minutes of working with Veronique to see the excuses they used to hold themselves back.

  • A president, who was dying inside began being joyful and getting what she have always wanted in life within the first month and a half of working with Veronique. Her business also doubled during this time.

  • A President who realized the hard way that when he used the system, the turmoil in his life went away.... when he stopped using it, the turmoil came back. He got over himself rather quickly and started using the System in his life again.


  • A Manager who very quickly, upon using the System, removed the trauma & stress from his life

  • A teacher rebounding from a divorce upon using the System, was able to wipe a felony of their record so they were able to get the job they loved. They now know they don’t have to live in fear & can face any challenge they get in their life.

  • A meditation teacher who received a completely new meaning from life from using the System

  • A hospital director who spent years living in a void. After working w/ Veronique, he experienced miracles in his own life and found the love of his life.

  • A transportation assistant in a stressful job and feeling like his life had been spinning out of control for years. Soon after using the System, He felt himself settling comfortably into his life.


  • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, discovering their inner strength at 16

  • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, being happier with their parents

  • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, not feeling so mad and helpless with life

  • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, feeling like they don’t have to do drugs

  • to cope in life

  • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, not wanting to kill their sister anymore.

  • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, getting rid of their acne overnight

  • • A teen after only 4 hours of training in the System, getting a girlfriend at 18 within a weekend after trying for years without success.


  • A housewife who suffered years of migraines permanently got rid of them within 2 weeks of working with Veronique

  • a retired man who was on his death bed began using he System and began to get better (gaining 20 pounds, lungs improved, became more mobile) reversing state of near death of a deadly illness through reading the System

  • A Young man from just repeating the prayer had awol and drug charges dropped over a single weekend

  • A woman permanently getting rid of life - long extremely severe allergies, lactose intolerance & cat allergies (which doctors say are almost impossible to get rid of) from just using the Keys within a 2 week period of time.

  • A child reading the System feels the hate being replaced with love and as a result feels safe when reading it.

Beta Study

  • within a 2 week period, a beta study student was able to be in their own strength enough to come out to their parents an a calm and empowered fashion and not being in fear of however their parents reacted to the news.

  • Within a 2 week period this beta study student became less judgmental with life and themselves & not feeling like they have to defend themselves with every thing which made life so much less stressful.

  • Within a 2 week period this beta study student began having the most success in their lives than they have ever had compared to all the other things they studied & used in the past.

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