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"The Letter" to Myself

The Letter from two different perspectives, yet creating the same result.

 First from the Heart

'The letter" to myself supports us in anchoring what our heart guides us into living.  What is the reason this is so important?  


Because when our minds, conscious and subconscious, rules our lives, they rule from databases of contradiction and confusion, lacking any coherent or unifying principle.


This is because our minds are ragtag bungles of ideas collected from a migrant number of sources and with confusing conflicting ideas to pull us in different directions. While our two minds, conscious and subconscious has no capacity to be in charge, it’s still wants to be in charge even at the cost of our happiness.


It will not hesitate to throw a grocery list of worry, fearful, yet contradictory and unhappy thoughts into our consciousness, in order to stay in charge.


To let our minds run our lives is self sabotage of the highest order.


No matter what rises up from our minds as the right opinion of the day it is always in conflict with other ideas we carry, and therefore literally sets up a dynamic and constant inner conflict.

Our minds, when given the role of running, our lives, literally divides us from ourselves.  

So what is the solution?

As Einstein said; 'the consciousness that created the problem can not solve the problem." Simple, the mind created the problem(s) from an array of perceptions/misperceptions, so know, it can't guide from anything except from a fear based reality. 

Our solutions lies not in the minds, but in the heart. It is the terrain of the heart that we know love. Love of ourselves, love for our lives, and loving the experiences that grow us into who we were meant to be. It will sink us into an awareness that is not in conflict with any other consciousness. Therefore, not only do we succeed in life, through love we find the peace, harmony, happiness, prosperity we seek.


"The letter" helps us make this bold move to our hearts then stick with it no matter what our minds through at us to try to gain back control. With every reread, it supports us in replacing what misperceptions hold us back, with a clear knowing of an unadulterated love.  


If we know the way of our hearts already, "The Letter" simply supports us to live there more of the time. 


Staying in our heart we can relish our lives, despite the fact that our lives have not gone according to our minds plan or expectations. When our two  minds are given the task of implementing the choices of the heart, it becomes an excellent tool and great support. This is only role the mind has... to support the heart in fulling purpose with right action..

The Facts as experienced when using. "The Letter" ..."
The Letter"

1. is unique in the fact that, no matter ones age from youth to adulthood, ones educational level or position in life it simplifies HOW to build a steadfast Framework for Life, coming first from one's Heart - then to the Mind.

2. how it consistently builds having want you want verses what you don’t want your life to be like.

3. it provides a solid picture and detailed pathway with systematic tools that reveals how life can be as you honestly and truly want it…

It is designed to simply read. No thinking, simply embrace what you are feeling.  
Doing so one grows from the heart, inside out, which forms a strong unshakable foundation of confidence, austerity within self, a passion and ability to express oneself by doing what you love.

Doing what you love is not only briefly fulfilling, the fulfillment lasts and can never be shaken by life's up and downs or others opinions.
Using the material as intended and guided, it can, and most often in two weeks timing or less, begin to support you in becoming aware of how you can transform what you don’t want into what you do want. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN - these individuals were able to ground the life that inspires them.
Executives, Athletes, Teachers, Students / Youths/ Teens, Victim Groups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Workers/ Employees, 
there are no restrictions in who or when one can make the choice to live the dream and goals they have set for themselves. 

4. and without exception of ones current circumstances… and in less time deemed possible. 

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