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Unlock Your Freedom From Within
Offered by Veronique Inc.
Obtain & Increase
Health | Happiness | Wealth

Personally, Professionally, Organizationally
by using the tools of manifestation
at its most basic level.

Do you feel jaded from lost hopes & dreams?
Is businnes
thriving or just 
Are there relationships problems in your life?
Is your health at risk without answers?
Do you have financial issues?
Are you worried every day?
"Mastering manifestation is about the ability to harness its influence for permanence in
in a world of change."
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CHANGE WHAT HOLDS YOU BACK from having more of what you do want & less of what you don't want?


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supports you in remembering how
to access the answers that live within you
- more simply than you can imagine.

Within these answers
you will discover the reality of your unfiltered truth.

What is not filtered holds the power of
- of manifesting what fulfills you and sets you free to live what you love. 
It's not about THINKING.
It's not about FEELING.
It's about
What The System Can Do For You
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You can choose to

with the

     Veronique, is the author of an uncomplicated, out of the box, so simple in its use your mind may hold you back from knowing how this System's simplicity could possibily be an internal key to allowing your life, personally, professionally or even on an larger corporate level - to be - as you - honestly - passion it to be. Yet, and this is a guarantee, when you allow yourself to get out of your head and into your spirit first, you, without effort, are able to join all the parts of self in a unified wholeness - and then you know - as Veronique discovered - that Freedom Is Internal.

Freedom Is Internal System

or continue scrolling down and learn more about the author and her material.


Her story began like so many others - in fear, confusion, upset, anger, blame, judgment, shame, yada - yada - yada - into a magical world after a Monk, mysteriously showed up at her home, and then disappeared after reminding her of who she truly was.


That story follows in the audio below. 


How it Started for Veronique

The Monk StoryVeronique
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 Me, Myself & I 

Through the experiences of thoses that Veronique has touched, over the 40 plus years of being in service in her unassuming way, below is a composite from a group testimonial.

"It is Veronique's super power as a visionary that will endure. She teaches us to see all possibilities, to be curious around new ideas, to see around the next corner, to look for and realize - that by training one's mind to allow our spirit to take the lead one can discover the purpose and good in every situation thereby rising above preceived limitations into the power to manifest - through love - and most of all to stay humble in our own beginners mind. There are many things we can see through her eyes, yet, what she embodies in all our interations with her and what her material teaches is HOW to discover for ourselves. Her Freedom Is Internal System gives us forethought for living that has served us well in allowing ourselves to prosper, on so many levels, personally and professionally by being ourselves authently. 


One of our greatest sources has been our association of Veronique with beauty - - by breathing in and appreciating the sight of — a wooded hillside, a well‑made object, food that nourishes, birds in flight, the breeze that touches our faces, these memories of her words — recalls her loving spirit to us - no matter where we are. Even in her years of great pain, or challenges that arise in a world forever changing she never lost faith in the beauty of existence.


”She believes that no matter the venture, large or small, 'people' putting their love into what they are passionate about can change the world for the better.’


Veronique has been called many things: brilliant, funny, and wise, a friend, and, of course, a visionary. She challenges us to see the world not for what we think it is thru a filtered adulterated mind, for what it could be and for what honestly fulfills us. As wise as she is her wisdom & jounney ever grows as she, in simple ways, support so many in seeing and realizing the unlimited potential in themselves.

Imagine What You'd Like Your World To Be.
You can do it.

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  veronique's mentoring focus in 2023  


If your goal is to rise above status quo, live what you love, & thrive instead of surviving, this intense, fun and rewarding 6 month Mastery Program was developed for you.

It engages the lesser known tools of manifestation that are woven throughout the FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM while providing hands on expereince in a creative business enviroment.                                                                                               To learn more 


Grow yourself with


Treat yourself with


Live everyday with


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Copying Down

Clarifying how duality creates - 


AN EXAMPLE: For centuries we have been been taught how our ego is an enemy to being a good person.  Yet, if we choose to go deeper, and allow self to question how can this be true if we belive that God created us  - it will open the door to realize the duality we as human beings create when we seperate and divide ourselves into how we define ourselves as right or wrong - good or sinful.  

You will discover from the Freedom Is Internal System that your true ego does need not to be suppressed or gotten rid of. Our Ego is a gift to be nurtured and embraced back to wholeness when you unconditionally allow yourself to be responsible for how it got altered.

The Freedom Is Internal System addresses & rectifies this, which affords you an energetic change in feeling free from limitations in the shortest time possible.

Realizing the Gift the Ego provides when when its not imprisoned in judgment, blame, guilt or shame. 



What you will begin to remember is how the Ego is a part of the personality self and through life’s different twists & turns, trials and tribulations it became altered. It is the altered part that we want to run from, get rid of, not look at or suppress.

Yet it’s not about suppressing, it’s about becoming aware and in that awareness, freeing the ego to become whole again and allowing it to take its rightful place. With the Ego in its rightful place of wholeness, it’naturally allows a circle of giving and receiving within knowing that you are enough and you have enough.


Our Solutions for
Greater Health, Happiness,

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Support Group
Inner Circle 
Colleagues at Work

Intern /Scholarship Program
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"Negativity Restricts Growth"
Broadcast Station
"Negativity Restricts Growth"
Broadcast Station
Promotes innovation and creativity that inspires health, happiness, and prosperity.
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Her mentoring fees are based on the degree of complexity.
Schuedule a complimentary consult to determine if you are a candidate.
Refund Policy: All of the programs require the purchase of the system, whether with full payment or on a payment plan. Before you sign up, please make sure that you are 100% ready and committed to follow the program all the way. Once you sign up, there are no refunds. As successful mentors, it is our job to hold you accountable and encourage you to prioritize what you want from life. If you need to postpone the start date, you will be permitted to do so.
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can support you to
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you can shed









these are not required experiences in life
unless you think they are necessary for you to get to a point of change
let us help you find in yourself
what already exists









Business Meeting

Our philosophy is grounded in the simplicity and timelessness of what creates continual financial success & growth. 

It truly moves the needle in life from the inside out.


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New Flowers

About the Founder

I am stepping out of my own rule of never providing what I know until asked.


Yet with our world, and so many in it, turned upside-down and inside-out with the current condition of life (the pandemic, the politics, the worry, the unknown); I feel compelled to speak to you due to my overriding desire to support anyone willing to listen and take action in their life. I want to tell you that your world DOES NOT have to be effected by these conditions.​

First: there is more to this world than the physical obvious.

Second: what you experience in life … including illness, fear, depression, insecurities, lack, loss... any level of perceived negativity … does not simply occur to you without you contributing to its creation (due to how you use your energy). I know that is hard to hear, but it is true. I know it.

My process awakens you into an unlimited power & peace that already exists within you. I help you remember what you already know: that each human has the power to create the life they live. Through their own chosen awareness and choices, they contribute directly to all of their experiences. The power and peace I am offering can be accessed if you know how. I am here to inspire you in your imagination of the world you want and supporting you in having it - sooner rather than later. You've heard of the WHAT before as well as the WHY, I am here to support you in the HOW.


Because the what and why can be unveiled in one conversation, but the how takes living and experiencing.

Are you ready to start?

This site is designed for your visual pleasure.

Curious about what you missed? 


How does energy relate to you and the problems you face today?

Discover these answers in The Freedom Is Internal System. 

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