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Unlock Your Freedom From Within
Offered by Veronique Inc.

Obtain & Increase
Health | Happiness | Wealth

More Simply than You Can Imagine
Personally, Professionally, Organizationally
by using the lessor known tools of manifestation. 


Our intention with this web site is to provide 

an adventure, small pieces of the puzzle that begins to unravel the captivating,

and for some the forgotten story of

HOW we humans' manifest  thru  energy.



We do this by first Reminding You That 



no matter ones's educational level,

age - teenager to senior -, where or how one grew up, -  male/female - WE HUMANS -

can & do influence what & how we experience life by how we use energy.  PERIOD!

No right or wrong to your choice - just know it is within your free will

to use energy as you choose.

1. Loss - lack - dis-ease- struggles- upsets - regrets - etc - is one way to use energy.


2. Greater freedom from what limits, tons of joy with lots of prosperity,

& physical and mental conditions beyond what is considered normal  

throughout the different stages in ones life is other use of energy.

Our purpose is to support those who passion the second way

 and to have it 

- no matter what - & sooner rather than later.





Simple & Little Known

Life Altering Tools

that Makes All the Difference

All humans are born with the instinctive ability to attract and maintain living life as they passion and would love it - to be.  If we choose to only remain consciousness ( remember no right or wronf to this choice,) over time this energy compounds upon itself and we gradually forget our instinctive nature.  


Witout our instinctive nater to guide us we can knowingly use the power of our two minds, subconscious and conscious to reinforce energies that create  struggles, losses, lack upsets instead of ease, grace and abundance. 


Our purpose in offering The Freedom Is Internal System 

is to support you in remembering the You thru the innocence of love - the engery vibration that consistently reinforces ones ability to know and live " I am enough - I have enough" verses unresolved anger fear bassed emotions  of - judgement - blame - guilt - shame - insecurities -  to name a few - all energies that reinforce loss, lack, illness. 


The Freedom Is Internal System is a simple and unique HOW to push a restart button - clean out  your minds if you will - where you can more quickly retrain your mind to be more aligned with your ability to be free, to know that you are always enough and you always have enough.  


The FREEDOM to live a life knowing that if you are willing to do the work necessary to have what you want - nothing will or can stop you - except what lives in your two minds! Aliening your conscious and subconscious minds - life will be - simple, a lot more fun, and what you make it. And even though you are actually doing that now, the difference in being conscious and aware is - if you're not loving your life, if you are settling or making do - then you are -

Missing the Key Roles that energy plays in the advantage of being aware.

On An Individual Note:
Our goal is to stir the deeper part of you that knows HOW to combine 
the innocence of your love with 
your imagination which unravels  
you can honestly and truly - ignite an unyielding passion to live 'you' completely. 

Passioning to be free from what limits you will take you on an eye opening journey of realizing the huge difference between the two energy states that all of us create our lives thru:

1. consciousness*/ you are doing only what you have been taught - this state limits because it can hold misperceptions, habits that restrain ones ability to go beyond or

2. awareness / unlimited - where you empower yourself to go beyond what is considered normal thereby freeing yourself to live more and more of what you love verses settling. 

no right or wrong to this choice -

​ just hugely different outcomes. 

or long blocks of text

Manifesting through awareness

is what The Freedom Is Internal is all about. 


This adventurous journey begins with the questions below.


Do you feel jaded from lost hopes & dreams personally, professionally or organizationally?
Is your life personally, professionally or organizationally thriving or just 
Are there relationships problems in your life either with employees, employers or personally?
Is your health at risk without answers?
Are you over being sick and tired?
Are you settling because you lost hope in receiving what would honest and truly fulfill you?

What about financial issues?
Are you worried or stressed out to the max every day?


















                                                  Veronique,  the creator of The Freedom Is Internal System.

An uncomplicated, out of the box, so simple in its use System that your mind may hold you back from knowing how this System's simplicity could possibly be an internal key to allowing your life, personally, professionally or even on an larger corporate level - to be - as you - honestly - passion it to be.


Veronique's System created from what some would call a miraculous birth. Her life story is an adventurous journey that began when she wrote - A Letter to Herself. She welcomed this extraordinary event even though the letter she wrote to herself arrived outside what she considered normal, or what she understood as scientific laws. She instead, instinctively removed her mind from questioning how it arrived and simply attributed what she wrote to a divine agency which answered her cry - in HOW - she could transform her pain filled life. Prior Veronique was doing all she knew - what to do - from the religious teachings and societies rules she was taught. When struggles seemed to vanish yet consistently reappeared her cry - to know - what she may have misunderstood in what she should do and/or stop doing to have the life she passioned - the letter to herself birthed. Her life situations changes within weeks of reading and rereading this letter. when asked what she was doing that support this huge transformation in a relevantly short period of time - she said; "the letter to myself". When asked to share her letter others expereinced transformations beyond their wildest imaginations and her letter became the a source / tool for being free from what limits. Her endless discoveries embodies what evolved as her life purpose, supporting others in attaining freedom - sooner rather than later. 


The Freedom Is Internal System's sole purpose is to support you in this choice.

Know however that choosing to become aware is not a race - it's a journey. And you must be really and willing to do the work to have what you want. 



However you choose to experience your journey, thru consciousness, awareness or a little of both as you evolve - allow yourself to - trust your choice of how you want to experience life. With out using excuses as your reason to delay have life as you really really really want it to be, do what you know is right for you. This will allow you to experience what is for your highest good. Just know excesses are not relevant because they are lies both to ourselves and others when we simply don't want to tell the truth that we don't want to do what it takes. No right or wrong to this choice, yet if we are honest in how we approach our situations life get easier. 


Remember, it is only you that can determine what is best for you, no one else has your answers. This material is for those that are 'honestly' READY to do what it takes to make the hard changes that may be necessary. This is a journey of moving from reactions to right actions by growing / being aware of the subtle energy vibrations one uses that hugely effect outcomes. 


The awareness we are talking about goes deeper that 'learning' your ABC'S. It is a knowing, a vibrational frequency that comes from your soul... into your heart then the energy runs thru your body and you simply 'know' - something - without the ability to logically explain or give answers to what you know is the truth. True unadulterated 'knowing' is never emotionally charged, on any level or requires defending.  Responding to life's experiences through KNOWING you can & will achieve, and continue to achieve what appears to be the miraculous. This is where The Freedom Is Internal System comes in - it supports you in moving into, trusting *you* more and more and by staying on track of what evolves awareness.                                                                                              

"Mastering manifestation is about the ability to harness the power of allowing 'flow' to influence permanence in
in a world of change."
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CHANGE WHAT HOLDS YOU BACK from having more of what you do want & less of what you don't want?
BECAUSE like it or not...  

Image by Grant Durr
LIFE Thru Awareness 

Awareness supports you in bringing forth & strengthening your 'intuition'.  


Understanding the art and science of energy you more easily strengthen one's intuition into the powerful innate human ability of 'knowing'.


These two extremely powerful human traits have the ability to guide an individual into living what you love thru greater ease, grace and abundance  - no matter life's challenges - while equally allowing & supporting the mind to do the job it was meant to do. 


freedomisinternal logo.png


supports you in remembering how
to access the answers that live within you that are waiting to support you in becoming 'aware'
- more simply than you can imagine.

 You can - with consistently of use -  discover what you are both doing and not doing simply by allowing yourself to be open enough to realize that your reality is the keeper of the unfiltered truth - of the energy living in your subconscious mind that you project from the inside out.

The subconscious mind is the part of you that stores 90% of the energy focus you  use to manifest your life from the beliefs &  thoughts that you, (conscious of this fact or not,) stored in your subconsciousness from the perceptions / interpretations around your experiences.

Unresolved misperceptions, anger to fear, judgement, blame, guilt and shame - left unresolved -  projects into your life energy vibrations that contribute to loss, lack and various dis-eases / illness because these energy vibrations destroys verses build.

The energy you store in your subconscious  
form beliefs, the words you use, (spoken or silenced,) and the actions you take that then form your life experiences.

Your conscious mind, what you 'think' you want to experience, only contributes 10% to what you manifest. If your subconscious mind is not aliened with your conscious desires -  the subconscious wins because it is 90% of the energy you are using.
Simple math.   

The Freedom Is Internal System supports you in becoming aware of:
1. What are your true subconscious beliefs, thoughts that are influencing your actions and ultimately your experiences.
2. Aligning the subconscious mind with your conscious mind only occurs by becoming increasingly aware of your filters and mis-perceptions.
3. Releasing what you may have mis-perceived and held in anger/fear based emotions, compounded with the filters you put in place under the illusion of protecting what you fear - creates limits.

Emotionally releasing - thru unconditional acceptance / allowance - in the moment an experience triggers the destructive energy automatically realigns - your intuition / knowing - putting these two powerful aspects of self in their rightful place of being your guide -  in having - your life as you would love it to be.

The bonus, with your two minds united, each in their place, opens you to right action. The end result is you will manifest what honestly and truly fulfills you.

The caveat: This only
occurs when filters:  mis-perceptions, anger/fear, judgments, blame, guilt or shame are removed.
Removed you release your power of
- of manifesting - thru awareness - in awareness you embrace accountability, responsibility unconditionally simultaneously with self and others because you know this is the energy  that can & will fulfill you.  
It's not about THINKING 
It's not about FEELING 
It's about  
Happy Couple
Image by Joshua Earle

gives you the option to choose
the energy
you want to create thru  


Consciousness - the mind only - with filters & mis-perceptions that somehow / someway always limits.  


Awareness - transcendence - going beyond the minds' limitations.

You can choose to

with the

Freedom Is Internal System

What The System Can Do For You
00:00 / 04:32

or continue scrolling down and learn more about the author and the uniqueness & unbridled support found in Veronique's material.

The really cool part of this System is that it continually supports your evolution in our own timing. 
Personally, Professionally and Organizationally.  


This System combines ancient wisdom, the little known tools of manifestation with the basic principles of quantum physics. This powerful combination is interwoven and repeated throughout The Freedom Is Internal System aligning, your subconscious mind with the different energy vibrations that support ease grace and abundance with what you honestly and truly passion as your life experiences.  

The really cool part of this System is, the more you read / use it, the more you become increasingly aware of how you can have what you passion to be your life experiences and less and less of what you have settled for when you use the energy vibration of judgement, blame, guilt, shame - excuses - that hold you captive in unresolved anger/ fear based emotions. Another cool part of this System it illuminates HOW you can transcend these limiting energies - if you so choose. 

Your time 'to be aware' of what you must do & or stop doing by being willing to be accountable, responsible, unconditionally, simultaneously with self and others to have the life you passion is always up to your free will choices.

HEADS UP: And this is a huge Pay Attention - You may overlook or discount the unbridled power within this System when you first begin using it because of How simple it is in its use. This is normal.  Keep reading! Like others before you - the true changes you passion will come to pass the more you use the energy of awareness verses consciousness.

 The Freedom Is Internal System  supports an evolving awareness. 

How it started for Veronique

Veronique's life evolved, like so many others from childhood innocence - into - anger -  fear based  guilt, confusion, upset, blame, judgment, shame, illness, yada - yada - yada from compounding expereinces that placed her in an adult  life that was painfilled no matter her efforts - until one day, from the depth of her soul she said - no more -. From this single choice a part of her opened,  tapping into a deep source of wisdom outside of her consciousness where she wrote, without thought illuminating prose that passionately awakened her journey to become aware - claiming awareness she entered into a magical world.

This is the world she shares in all of her work & interactions. 


Our Experience with Veronique  

Below is a composite from a group testimonial of the experiences from the hearts & souls that Veronique has touched​ over the 34 years of being in service since 1989 to those that are passioning freedom from what holds the human spirit back from financial, emotional, and physical freedom

"It is Veronique's super power as a visionary that will endure.


In her unassuming way both by example and constantly reminding us HOW to keep our thoughts simple, to stay humble in our own beginners mind, and tsee all possibilities. She powerfuly teaches that when we make the choice to graciously step out of any box that confines us, to be curious around new ideas, to see around the next corner, and to look for and realize - that - by training one's mind to allow our spirit - the soul - of who we are to take the lead this allows our heart to guide us to having what we would love our life to be like - this is when we can rise above preceived limitations into the power to manifest - through love's innocence -.

There are many things we can see through her eyes, yet, what she embodies in all our interactions with her and what her material teaches is HOW to discover for ourselves. To trust that our answers live within us - we just have to remember how to trust the purpose & good of the journey we have chosen. Once our trust and faith is absolute, Veronique reminds us, that this is when we allow ourselves to access the answers within ourselves - its our knowing that will support our life through ease, grace and abundance. Nothing more and nothing less. Getting to this absoluteness within self is what Veronique and her material supports us in achieving. Through her patience, compassion and love we now know this is an ever evolving journey. 


One of our greatest sources has been our association of Veronique with beauty - - by breathing in and appreciating the sight of — a wooded hillside, a well‑made object, food that nourishes, birds in flight, the breeze that touches our faces, these memories of her words — recalls, no matter where we are, her loving spirit to us. Even in her years of great pain, or challenges that arise in a world forever changing she has never lost faith in the beauty of existence.


”She exemplifies in all she does that no matter the venture, large or small, 'people' putting their love into what they are passionate about can change the world around us or even globaly for the better.’


Veronique has been called many things: brilliant, funny, and wise, a friend, and, of course, a visionary. She challenges us to see the world not for what we think it is thru a filtered adulterated mind cluttered with our misperceptions, judgments, blame, guilts or shame - to go beyound these limitations, to go deeper within self - to know - what could be - and - for what will honestly fulfill our hearts & soul. As wise as she is her knowledge ever grows as she, in simple ways, supports so many in seeing and realizing the unlimited potential in themselves. 


It has been our experience that she accomplishes this goal through the profound wisdom and deeper understandings she has authored, recorded, and provides in a uniquely simple system entitled - Freedom Is Internal System. 

The Freedom Is Internal System challenges what is considered normal and gives us forethought for living that has served us well in allowing ourselves to prosper, through ease, grace and abundance, on so many levels, personally and professionally by living thru a non-filtered self.


If there is even the slightest chance that you can study / create with her it will be filled with memorable experiences. Be prepared to experience unique & challenging realizations that may at first feel uncomfortable - yet in time you will know, as we did, the only place upset can live is in the lies we bury yet never forget. Uncovering them may feel like a risk - yet its worth taking because the end result is absolute freedom.  

(This happened for us because she provides both through her mentoring and the uniqueness in The Freedom Is Internal System HOW to more easily implement the energy changes we must make from what limits into what allows us to be unlimited. Her methods equally supports ( if you chose to do so) taking a quntium leap into awareness ( like she did ) and/or to more slowly allow awareness to evole over time.    She reminds us neither choice is lessor or greater or right or wrong.} 

A Mysterious Event Awakens Veronique to a Journey She Never Imagined.
The Monk StoryVeronique
00:00 / 12:54

Not long after writing the prose a Monk mysteriously showed up at her home, and then after reminding her of who she truly was, disappeared as mysteriously as he arrived. The story of the Monk's arrival is shared in the audio above.

Copying Down

how duality limits us - 

that effects our ability to manifest thru complete authenticity.
When we continue to fear and or berate the personality self that was birth be confident, strong in knowing and compassionate when in balance.

It can be tempting to think that the fear-inducing, misleading, and outright false content pervasive today is an exclusively modern problem. Yet for thousands of years, our ancestors have taught that deception is as old as humanity itself. In the Christian bible the serpent manipulates Eve through a series of misleading and half-true statements to eat the forbidden fruit, then makes Adam do the same by offering him the choice through a trusted source. Sound familiar?

As humans, we are not called to a life of half-truths and deception. We are called to “to be the best we can be through honesty and fairness in our dealings” and to “speak truth, and not mislead others by our silence.”  Unfortunately the rapid expansion of digitalization and online platforms has enabled deceitful content to spread more rapidly and disguise itself more effectively. This is the energy duality creates and feeds.  

We have been been taught how our ego is an enemy to being a good person and is to be suppressed / gotten rid of.. yet, if we choose to go deeper, and allow self to question - it will open the door to realize the imbalances within self we as human beings create is when we separate ourselves into how we define both our lives, ourselves and others - in the most basic of terms - as either right or wrong - good or evil. Instead if we chose to change our energetic focus to understanding, compastionate support  through responsibility we can nutured our egos into an energetic state of confidence and knowing.  

the Gift the Ego can be -

when it is not imprisoned in judgment, blame, guilt or shame.

What you will begin to remember is how the Ego is a part of the personality self and through life’s different twists & turns, trials and tribulations it became altered. It is the altered part that we want to run from, get rid of, not look at or suppress.

Yet it’s not about suppressing, it’s about becoming aware and in that awareness, freeing the ego to become whole again and allowing it to take its rightful place. With the Ego in its rightful place of wholeness, it’naturally allows a circle of giving and receiving within knowing that you are enough and you have enough.

strengthening-you-from.the-inside-out-10.25.20-102520-6.33-PMArtist Name
00:00 / 03:07






1. Self Study Program provides the System
with 2 weeks of one-on-one guidance with Veronique on how best to use the System
Imagine What You'd Like Your
World To Be. You can do it.



2. Self Study PLUS - 3 Months of Mentoring with Veronique,
Twice a Day - 15 min mentoring sessions - accelerates your ability to realize both of what you are doing and what you are not doing. As you become increasingly conscious of these two factors you more easily you are
able to integrate subconsciously your innate ability to be more authentic with yourself. 

3. Hands - On  Intern / Scholarship Program 


If your goal is to rise above status quo, live what you love, & thrive instead of surviving, this intense, fun and rewarding 6 month Mastery Program was developed for you.

It engages the lesser known tools of manifestation that are woven throughout the FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM while providing hands on experience in a creative business environment.    To learn more 

We Offer 4 Opportunities to support your choice of change:

People Walking
Learn More
Grow yourself with


Treat yourself with



  veronique's group mentoring opportunity for 2023  

Live everyday with


Image by Gian Cescon
Support Group
Inner Circle 
Colleagues at Work

Intern /Scholarship Program
Image by Gene Jeter
"Negativity Restricts Growth"
Broadcast Station
"Negativity Restricts Growth"
Broadcast Station
Promotes innovation and creativity that inspires health, happiness, and prosperity.
Purchase the System
Peek behind the veils of illusion and sink your teeth into something a little more substantial… YOU
Book a Specialized Growth Experience with the Founder
 Accelerates awareness into expectations of a reality where you know struggles that limit are not normal.
Her mentoring fees are based on the degree of complexity.
Schuedule a complimentary consult to determine if you are a candidate.
Refund Policy: All of the programs require the purchase of the system, whether with full payment or on a payment plan. Before you sign up, please make sure that you are 100% ready and committed to follow the program all the way. Once you sign up, there are no refunds. As successful mentors, it is our job to hold you accountable and encourage you to prioritize what you want from life. If you need to postpone the start date, you will be permitted to do so.
An Affiliate Opportunity
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can support you to
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It's simple!

let us help you find in yourself
what already exists














you can shed the root of what holds the human spirit captive more easily than you can imagine allowing the brillance of you to emerge thru joy verses    




your questions and your answers live in your choices - 
becoming aware - of the energy you project from your thoughts, words and actions allows you to know that your FREEDOM IS INTERNAL 
Business Meeting

Our philosophy is grounded in the simplicity and timelessness of what creates continual financial success & growth. 

It truly moves the needle in life from the inside out.

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New Flowers

A Message from the Founder

I am stepping out of my own rule of never providing what I know until asked.


Yet with our world, and so many in it, turned upside-down and inside-out with the current condition of life (the post-pandemic, the politics, the worry, the unknown); I feel compelled to share what saved my life, and now countless others due to my overriding desire to support anyone willing to listen and take action in their life to have more & more of what you want verses what you don't' want. What I know is, if you so chose chose, because it is a choice, your world DOES NOT have to be effected by the conditions of the world we live in when you become aware of how to be a your own teacher once by utilizing the basic of quantum physics ( energy use ) with the power and knowing that your intuition holds. 

First: there is more to this world than the physical obvious.

Second: what you experience in life … including illness, fear, depression, insecurities, lack, loss... any level of what you perceive negatively … NOTHING occurs without you somehow/ someway contributing to its creation (due to how you use your energy). this may sound crazy and / or hard to hear, yet... as I evolved thru different stages, silently observing the facts of what was ... verses my interpretation, I knew that there was no lessor or greater my truth verses your truth, that reality was the keeper of truth. On an enlightened level there was no No right or wrong to the energy I was chosing to live life through only different outcomes. 

When I wrote the "Letter to MySelf" the wisdom it contained, came from a deeper, buried part of myself. A part I awaken when my passion to love became greater than what I feared.


When I was asked to share what turned my life around so easily and quickly - The Letter to MySelf: began supporting others into the same ease of life. It quickly became acknowledged as a powerful tool that moves fear / struggle / lack based use of energy into using energy that manifests ease, grace and abundance. My relentless curiosity continues - my writings continue, driven by the unending desire to learn, grow and love.


Ultimately, I am simply sharing A Way To Be so life is just naturally effortlessly, graceful, abundant and easier - no matter the challenges. The consistent use in the material is just building up a habit that way of being. 

That's the end goal - it's not about consciously remembering to use a tool. It's about subconsciously being that way. 

Happy Trails,


Curious about what you may have missed? 


How does 'energy', in its most simplest form relate to 'you'  and any challenge you face today?

Discover these answers in The Freedom Is Internal System. 



If You Are Honestly Ready to Question what you believe to be real, to 
step out of any reality that confines & limits your freedom - by
Living Life thru a state of awareness that manifests greater  

First - you must be open to knowing that for this manifestion to fully integrate into a state of being verses force - you must be ready, then absolutely willing to be accountable, responsibile, unconditionally,
simultaneously with self and others...
If you are ready - and willing to do what you must -
to live a life of absolute freedom - no excuses! Then don't wait - DO IT!

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