The System - Digital Version

It is my greatest pleasure to make available to you what has transformed my life and the lives of so many others THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM.


Digital Version Includes


4 Audio Downloads:
She/He Loves Me – 165 Minutes
(The She In He, the He In She that Loves the Me In All)
Questioning . Answers . Symphonic
Instructional audio file Welcome to the System


3 Volumes - Course Manual:
Begin Here, Foundational Guide – Volume I
6ʺ X 6ʺ 164 page PDF File
The Choice Is Mine – Volume II –
6ʺ X 9ʺ 306 page PDF file
The 12 Keys/Pocket Companion – Volume III
4 3/4 X 5 3/4ʺ 160 page PDF file


The 12 Key Card – PDF – Print Out:
Key Card to carry in your wallet for quick reference


This System is unique in the HOW it individualizes for each, no matter age, educational level or position in life a steadfast Framework for Life that is simple to apply in every day activities that transforms what you don’t want into what you do want - in two weeks timing when consistently used as guided. 


Delivered in a three - volume, self paced manuals, 3 MP3 audios, their synchronicity empowers an individual or group, in any environment or within any situation for supportive change quickly.

This unique and pioneering system provides a solid picture and detailed pathway describing and impacting men, women & children into building empowering, supportive and open relationships with peers, family members and authority figures. The step-by-step tools are powerfully simple. The systematic tools are described in detail of not just what to do; this system reveals how life can be as you honestly and truly want it… without exception… and in less time deemed possible with the STEP BY STEP HOW to make it happen. The 3 volumes and audios supports the entire progression of becoming aware therefore you become highly skillful in effecting prosperous outcomes in everyday life and in any type of situation.


Repeated readings/listening of the SYSTEM continues to counter balance negative / destructive / contradicting beliefs and behaviors, no matter the source / core.


THE FREEDOM IS INTERNAL SYSTEM accelerates change into expectations of a reality where you know struggles that limit are NOT the normal when using this System. What become the NEW NORMAL is ease grace and abundance.


MAKE IT HAPPEN - these individuals were able to ground the ;life that inspired them. Extraordinary results experienced by these individuals: Executives, Athletes, Teachers, Students / Youths/ Teens, Victim Groups, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Workers/ Employees, Personal

JOIN this ever growing list of individuals having what you want sooner rather than later.





If anyone ever said to you, ‘Look inside for your answers,’ and you said silently
How do I do that?‘ Veronique’s Freedom Is Internal System is the HOW
Her innovative approach universally serves to transform what we do that limits ourselves personally, professionally and/or organizationally into the highest achievement possible like nothing else currently available.

It is an invaluable treasure to use for yourself, business or organization if you are looking for more freedom, happiness, health, success and love in life.


~ Barry Spilchuck (a national and international Fortune 500 trainer & author of ’a Cup of Chicken Soup for the Soul,’

The System - Digital Version